Pure evil does exist
It’s in everyone
It’s just some that embrace it
More than others

Could they be the devils gift?
Just think
You can not be deaf and blind
Always and forever
To what you are being taught daily

You can not compare
You’re battle within
To others on a different path
It is your own
That no else will ever travel
So begin

If you cry over this person
And they don’t care
To see your tears
And wipe them away
They won’t

If you doubt their intentions
And you feel used
Or Defeated
You are

If you can not trust a word they speak
And you see the truth
Plastered on neon signs
Staring you in the face
You’re not listening

If you are lost and confused
And you feel like there is no way out
There is
Just open your cage door and fly out
You can

Stop questioning
How was this possible
How could I be so stupid
Why did this happen

What did I do wrong
If I never met you
Would it have ever happened
Just know
If it’s not this person
It could always be another

Some people don’t want
To hear or see the truth
When it’s presented to you
A million times over

The lesson has been taught
You are too stubborn to comprehend
You make it hard
To be found by that Angel who will soar above the rest


Instead you want to hold on
To the devil’s gift
Missing the beauty
That could alter your life

No one should be stripped bare
Left in the center of lies and deceit
Left heart broken
Weakened in disbelief
But it’s all repairable

A soul that is pure
That is only for you
That’s Not judgemental
That’s Not hurtful
That’s Not deadly
To your spirit

You have to open
Your mind to question their interest in you
You have to open
Your heart to feel if it’s pure
Stop being tempted and lead by your lust
because your lonely and longing to be touched


β€œAll Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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