By: Yellowbonewonda

My life was changing
I knew it to be true
This was my career in their hands
My dream at best

My confidence was on high
I researched the company
I studied like it was my S.A.T
They could ask me anything

I claimed it
It was mine
I was told to be myself
That’s no problem I can do that

I went the day before
Over two hours my ride took
To pick me up
Standing in the scorching sun

All I could do was hope
My hair didn’t mess up
I started to panicked
Forgot my straightening iron at home
It could rise up like Don King’s hair with this type of heat


When my ride finally came
I arrived at the hotel
It was a disgrace
It was only a night
I told myself

I smiled at the clerk
Got my key
I refused to meltdown
I refused to cry
I’m not going to replace my positivity with negativity

Not me
Tomorrow is my day
I woke up early
So I wouldn’t be in a rush

Morning shower
Blue suit
Makeup done
Black heels
Unsteady on my feet
Hopefully I won’t trip and fall on my face

Over an hour I gave
Told the driver the address
He drove me to a place
Excited I checked in
Received my badge

That damn driver
What a mess
I sat there
Thirty minutes
Then one hour
I was at the wrong place

I briskly walked across the train tracks
With my heels in my hands
Arriving late
I laughed it off
Making the best of my ordeal

Conversated with the others while I waited my turn
When I interviewed
They asked nothing I studied for
It was all about me
I had this in the bag

I smiled and smiled
Thinking this is great

I finished my interview early
I had to backtrack
My luggage was at the other place

Having to change my ticket
Got to the airport
Had a hike
Of course the driver drove me to the wrong end
I think it’s the running theme

The clerk had to get the manager
She didn’t know how to change my ticket
So she asked me before he arrived
To wait until my original flight

What nerve
I gave her a look
Like bitch please
But I smiled instead
I said no thank you
Because that was four hours away

I got on that early flight
Being polite
My two day struggle was real

Though I thought for the best
My high came crashing down
In exactly one week
I was given the kiss of death

It’s just not your time
Apply next year
Blah blah blah blah

β€œAll Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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