Feels like a fight within your body
Against you

In a vortex spinning uncontrollable
In a black hole blinded by the darkness
In the middle of the ocean swimming in circles
In a desert stranded with no map

Sleeping on the back the most uncomfortable position
Feels like something is in the throat but nothing is there
Sleeping on the right stabbing pain in the neck

They say Phantom pains
But the feeling is there
Back and neck are on fire
Arms and Legs wanting to get in the game

Taking the pills
Like candy
Different kinds
Different flavors


The doctor gave
Saying it will help
If it don’t work
We got another

Trial and error was the game
More like more error
Losing the game

Head floating
like a balloon
Eyes half mask
like you’re on a high
Cheeks numbed
like someone has pinched them all day
Throat dry
liked you haven’t drunken anything for days

The doctor
Kept prescribing
One pill turned to two
Then three or four lost count maybe more

Hey doc
These don’t work
They make me feel like crap
They do nothing for the pain

One does that
The other does this
Don’t take this pill with this
Oh if you miss a pill

Take it right away
But don’t double up
So you left
Feeling symptoms

Feeling lost
Feeling pain
Feeling like you someone else
Dazed and confused

In the pharmaceutical game


โ€œAll Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.โ€

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