You gave my body strength
You made me refreshed
A day doesn’t go by
without you on my mind

My favorite
Plushed-topped high raised bed
That I have to get a running start
To jump into


The way I sink into you
How you give love to my body from head to toe
Making me drift away into a deep sleep
Surrounded by your wondrous embrace

You’re becoming my enemy
You’re not bringing your friend
Called SLEEP
You’re not relaxing my limbs and brain
Like you use to

For each passing day you escape me
Indefinite eternity is what I feel
Until you return


I can not live without you
And for the time that you are gone
I am constantly longing for your magical kiss

When I saw you years ago
I felt like we were never apart
Not a day
Not a week
Not a month
Not a year
Love will ever be lost

It will not fade away
It will not be forgotten
When you are gone for so long
I will be ecstatic of your return

Love that is so true
It feels like paradise
You are so special to me
I’m so sorry
I fought you those endless night
I hate you felt I was lost to you

Sleep come to me
Never to leave me again
And please bring your friends


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