Out the glass window
Staring at the world
Passing by
And also
Staring at its stillness
When no one is around

Staring at how lonely
This world is
When life is on the move
Much to fast
You miss
The simplicity of it all

Behind this glass window
I’m looking through
I’m finally standing still
I’m seeing
What I may have missed long ago

The trees are tall and strong
Dark chocolate brown
With so much history in them
They have seen it all

Of all colors
Blowing in the wind
Dancing to their own song

The sky
Such a beautiful blue
I could not image how far it really goes
It is infinite

The clouds
With their funny shapes as if they
Are showing off
Tickling my funny bone

The sun
And moving through reflections
Through everything
And everyone

Cars driving
To and fro
Hurrying to get

Running from one thing
To the next
Not pausing for a breath
To take in
What they are missing
After hurrying so fast

Beyond the glass window
I see tiredness
I see oblivious behavior
I see such a disconnect

I’m just afraid
To come from behind
This glass window
Just because I may forget
What it has taught me
To see the beauty that is in just a breath


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