“It Takes Two”


With his silver tongue
Talking alot of game
Denying every child
Knowing he deliberately
Impregnated them
Playing the game
That baby ain’t mine
Like denial will erase
All the wrong they both did together
He’s not a family man
He does not want to be a father or
A dad
Just a sperm donor
She’s in denial
Trying to change someone that can not be changed
Playing the card
I was in love with him
Not taking on her responsibility
To prevent this man
From making her a statics
Half the time girls
Know this type of man is untrustworthy
He is
Cranking out babies
As if his penis
Was a penial assembly line
He has done it for so long
He has stop caring about
Making sure renegade swimmers
Don’t produce kids
He’s lost count of how many
He has left behind
To be without a father
Or a role model
His idea is to populated half the world
Not caring who suffers
In the aftermath
Just leaving his children
To be raised by young girls
All over the world
With no means to support
A new child or herself properly
Depending on her family
Or the system
To take care of a child
That was
Made by two
It’s a pity
These guys
Have avoided responsibility
Like a plague
No good
Slick talking
Broke down
With no money
No job
And definitely no spine
With a honors degree
From the college
Of don’t wrap it up
Because it just don’t feel the same
Girls need to stop falling for the game
Guys need to stop being the sperm dad
And abandoning their kids
Or wrap it up and stop bringing kids into a world of absentee dads


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“Not Playing Games”

I am not the naive person
You believe me to be
Don’t take it personal
My instincts
Fight or flight
Have kicked in
Like a warning beacon
As if it’s a public safety announcement
The moment you approached me
I’m not feeling you
I don’t like you
I don’t know you personally
I refuse to converse with you
I know you want to talk to me
It’s written all over your face
I have nothing to say
Excuse me


Let me by
Again I don’t want to know you
You just remind me of pain
Misery confusion and anxiety
You have an energy that
Fills the air with poison
So thick it’s suffocating me
Draining the life out of me
I’m sorry
I’m only into breathing
Fresh air that gives new life to me
So release me
I don’t feel death knocking on the door
The stinct of evil surrounds you
The smell is engulfing me
So please walk away
I really need to avoid
Hearing the lies
You have rehearsed for me
So I can be mesmerized
Falling into your arms
As if you’re my champion
Or my prince charming
You are not that
Your intentions are not in my best interest
Please look for your next victim
She’s that other woman
That is not me
You go on your way
You don’t have to wait long
She’ll be coming around that corner
In a few minutes
Try her
Please I beg of you
Leave me to miss out
On this journey
You have planned for me
I’m not interested
I have other plans
That don’t include you
If you go right now
It will save the both of us
From having a painful encounter
That will leave us bruised and bloody
From the fight
I’m ready to fight
To get away from you


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“When Night Falls”

I’ve developed a sleep pattern
My my mind
To have a little aversion
To sunlight
When the sun comes up
I fall asleep
And when the night fall
I’m pacing
From my room
To the kitchen
Back to my room
Trying to figure out what
I can get into
It’s a cycle
On repeat
I’ve inadvertently enlisted my body to join
In this process
I can not stay in bed
And wonder
So now my mind and body
Are up
Getting on the move
And following
The worn out path


I’ve caused
Going here and there
To nowhere
I never want anything from the kitchen
It’s just a place to go
With my restless mind
To walk in the night
Unclear of what I’m thinking
Just restlessness
Times one thousand
It’s a sensation like weightlessness
I want to get out
But I have no where
I want to go
Getting aggravated
Body up
Mind up
Then my soul joins in
Now awaken
Indecisive to where
Or what I’m being pulled to
So I continue
To do more
Pacing from my room
To the kitchen
Back to my room again
Occasionally looking out the window
I’m a night crawler
Mind Body Soul
Not experiencing the nightly activities
Like others do
Stepping into the world
Gathering in places
To party
Or socialize
Doesn’t peak my interest
It’s built up energy
That has no where to go
Feeling trapped
By the universe
In a prison
Looking for what prevents me from stepping into the sunlight


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“Shadow Games”

I am not satisfied
Not by the food I eat
Not by the career I chose
Not even my purpose in this life

I question myself on a daily
Where am I going
In this lifetime
I have been wondering aimlessly
Far too long

I am hungry for something
That feels so far
Out of my reach
This craving has created sleepless nights
Making me delirious and crazy


It has me spinning in circles
Chasing my tail
I am so clueless
I do not know what I want

Or what direction to go
I am a dog looking for my bone
Where I buried it

It seems I’ve been searching
For what I’ve been missing inside myself
So long it’s becoming an unsolvable mystery
My anxiety has been building up

Feels like a volcano
Ready to erupt
Flowing out Hot lava
Burning everything it touches

This hunger of mine
Is a torturous thing
Never giving me peace
My stomach is always rumbling

As if I am starving
But I skip no meals
I have always cleared my plate
I eat everything

Getting my nourishment
It’s not enough
I have never felt full
A familiar emptiness

That has been with me
Since my first breath
That has grown stronger and stronger
Day after day

I am being pulled
In all directions
I feel I’m coming undone
I am afraid

That what I’m searching and craving for
May never be found
My hunger is leading me blindly
Only to have me chasing shadows


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“Hide And Seek”

It’s time to plot
Be conning
Be a mastermind
And get what’s mine

My dreams have been
Getting away from me
For far too long
They are much further away than usual

As if they are running and hiding
Into the darkest of places
So I can not find them
I refuse to let them escape from me

It will not happen
No more
I promise

I am a beast
At the top of the food chain
Looking down from the best vantage point
Of the mountain

With the sun at my back
So it will be hard to see me coming
An ultimate predator
I am

On a mission
To devour all my dreams
I’m stalking them one by one

Like they are my prey
Ready to pounce on them
Using my claws to rip them open
To get to the best parts


Just to feed on them
Slowly so I can taste every flavor
Layer by layer
Taking me to those places of

Those dreams have no chance

I am definitely
Going to make them a reality
I’m on to their scent
I want them so badly

I can taste them
I’m salivating when
Remembering how they would
Make me do a happy dance in my chair at the dinner table

To the music playing
Only in my head
This time nothing can stop me
But myself

I’m not stopping until I get all of them
None of them get a pass
My dreams
Will be my nourishment
Making me a more powerful ferocious beast


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“Pieces Of Me”

My biggest heartbreak
Is losing someone
That I’ve made room for
In my heart
A place that has limited access
With few members
I open that door
Slowly and cautiously
And those that are privileged
To enter
I hold closest to my heart
I am devastated by the fact
When they have to leave me
For eternity
I understand when it’s your time
It’s what it is
But I don’t have to except
That defeat
That final decision
Of one doctor saying
Your life is over
That’s the only thing
I’m in denial of
It must be a mistake


A piece of my world
Has fallen apart
Hearing you tell me you are dying
And there is nothing I can do to stop it from happening
There is no machine to go back into time
And remove all this pain I’m feeling
And erase the moment the doctor
No chance of help
As tears swell up
All I can do
Is look up into the night sky
To find a shooting star
And wish for as many things I can
Before it’s out of my sight
I wish you all the things that money can’t buy
I wish you a full life
I wish you peace from all your demons
I wish you actually knew
How special you are to me
I just wished you believed in what was real and staring you in your face
I wish this world had no diseases
Taking people that had so much to give
Way too soon
They are a small piece of a puzzle by many
But in my eyes the biggest piece of my soul
Now lost between the cracks
Given a life sentence
That could have been avoided
Missed by people counting pennies
Instead of looking at the test
For abnormalities
To save a life
That meant so much to me


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“Fighting The Wrong Enemy”


Let’s make a truce
Let’s stop fighting
Against each other
This battle
We have going on between us
Is a distraction from
The real war going on all around us
The enemy is allowing us to kill each other
Lowering our numbers
Using tactics of
Divide and conquer
Winning without fighting us
Or being accountable
For their transgressions
They have used the media
To put us in a daze
Talking about celebrities
That went crazy
To overshadow what is really going on
In our own government
They have used the law
To put those that see threw them
Behind bars
Saying they are causing a riot
But all they are doing is waking up those that are sleepwalking
Through this problem
Look behind you
All their loyal soldiers
Have moved
Into position
To surround us
Didn’t you notice
How close they are to us
When we first began this game of extreme deadly chess
Before we became their pawns
Doing their bidding
Destroying what once united us
Through our humanity
All life is valuable
This thick smoke screen
Is a way to keep us deaf blind and stupid
Fighting each other
Not seeing the truth
To what is really going on
Behind the big black curtain
Right in front of us
We have lost the meaning of our promise
To be We the people
Not We the government
We have been blind long enough
Fighting amongst ourselves
Getting more distant
From what is important
And taking down our common enemy
We are allowing them to do as they please without consquences
Stop injesting
What they are telling us
Eating it up as if it is the gospel truth
Research their calculations
Check them twice
Then check them twice again
Stop being gullible
Question their intentions
So we can find the inconsistencies
They are giving us
Not one person is responsible for our demise
We are all getting
Off track
Of the big picture
To be free
Living our own life
Without having to looking over our shoulder


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“She Just Wants Peace”

Full of dreams of being someone her children
Can look up to
She has the biggest heart
Sometimes too big
It can be her weakness
Often weakening her spirit
Even though she has struggled
For many years
Feeling like she’s in a losing battle
She has been responsible for the little people she has brought into this world
Unlike some other parents
Not accepting their role to be a parent
That neglect or leave their children to chaperone themselves
Her kids have never gone without
The basics
Or the greatest gift
Her undying devotion and love for them
I can only give her advice
To tell her to stop her stressing
So much
And Handle only the things
She can control
Letting go of things she can not do nothing about
She has stood alone
Long enough
As a single mom
Taken advantage of
By those that say
They love her
Taking her kindness as weakness
Begging for what little she’s got
Taking her last dime
But when she needs help
They leave her to fend for herself
Not caring that in her desperation
To provide for her children
She has to ask for help from strangers
Her children have looked into windows of everyone else’s lives
They are mad at not having the latest whatever
Being disrespectful
Lazy and demanding
Not helping her as she struggles
By complaining
What they don’t have
They don’t see they are better off than many
To be greatful they are not in the system
On the streets
Or in a shelter
She is beyond determined
She has hustled each time
To make sure they never see that kind of horror
Her man is a low down that doesn’t provide
Selfish and a coward
Never protecting her from people
That threaten their relationship
By putting them in their place
And setting boundaries
That no one should cross
When he’s suppose to love her
With ever fiber
He uses her
Eating her food
That’s for her and her children
Not paying bills
Not Being present
Not Being compassionate
Showing her she is a value
Her family is the worst not supportive
She stands alone
Fighting for every step forward
Because everyone around her
Keeps pushing her backwards
Leaving her out of family gatherings
Not visiting her
Or having a relationship with her children
Keeping secrets from her
Plotting to do everything that undermines her
Doing the most to talk her out of decisions she’s made in living her own life
As she sees fit for her and her children
All she wants is to be left alone
And live in peace with her children



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“Necessary Knowledge “

Society is not living like a secret
Long ago
When the word sex
Was a word never spoken out loud
Sex is on the internet
On television
In books
Done in public at times
And people in general
Are not going away
Educate these children
So they will not be a statistic
Anyone that looks at children
In a sexual way is a threat
Unprepared children
Raised by someone that still in that belief
If they don’t educate about sex
It will stop a child from growing up
When their body is developing
Boys and girls are being looked at
Talked to because they are looking older physically
People preying on that naiveness
And lack of education
Using peer pressure to ring them in
It’s a shock
In this society
Children are not equipped with important knowledge
That sex has consequences
It can produce life
Or it can take life away
With a deadly disease
For a child
Not prepared to say no
That will tell someone that can help stop it
If they feel used or abused
Or became pregnant
I am not understanding
It is not a conversation
Being had
It’s unbelievable
Girls are still hiding pregnancy from family and friends
In fear of disappointing loved ones
In fear of being teased by everyone
A child
Becoming a mother
Unable to appreciate
What life that grows in her
Hiding and alone
Where no one can help her
Where no one can support her
Where no one can be with her
Telling her things will be alright
Giving birth to a deadly situation
A child that no one wanted
Born in this world
Tossed in a garbage bend


Without the power to cry
Muffled by
A cord that nourished him in the womb
And the same cord killing him with every breath he tries to grasp
Tightening more and more around his throat
His spirit was strong
His fight was long
For the few minutes
He came into this world
Because a child
Was not taught
About the consequences of sex
Or how to say no to peer pressure


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