Some people create their own horrifying storm
That take out many


Unrequited love
A Powerful
Euphoric feeling
Dangerous for everyone
It involves

A hunger
And Thirst
That can not be filled
Because it’s a one way street

The Desires
The Intensity
It’s Spectacular
It’s Indescribable

You hear in your head
You love me
You adore me
You want to feel me
You want me

You want them to say
Come kiss me
Come touch me
Come admire me
Come to me

Something that is so dangerous
To fall into
When you are the only one
Feeling this

You’re locked in
A world of your own making
Manipulated by your own mind
Never really knowing the object of your affections

Is truly not yours

You use it as a double-edged sword
If I can’t have them
No one can

The insanity that’s in your mind
It’s what it is



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