By: Yellowbonewonda

Because my angels
Are all around me
With their wings surrounding me
Blocking out the negative interference of doubt and fear

I woke up this morning not comprehending
I was flying so far away from home
Where war was going on
I was going to be part of helping a military community

I walked off the plane in this foreign land
No ideas shaped in my head
Of what was ahead of me
No thoughts of the reality
Had set in

Just a few hours from now
I was going to wake up in a desert
Twenty to a tent
Bunk beds stacked on top of each other
A summer camp theme
I guess

Just panicked females
All around me
Looking lost

I sat
My boots
My helmet
My Body Armour
By my bed
My bedsheets came down from the top bunk all around me
I was in my own world in the middle of a desert

Surrounded by military on Christmas Eve
I prepared for sleep
With a meal
A shower
Before bed

I slept through the celebrations
I slept through the gunfire that shot in the air
I slept through the helicopters hovering above
I slept peacefully like I was in paradise

Undisturbed by what was going on

As I woke up after my first night in a tent full of frantic females
I felt refreshed unbothered by what crept in the night

I was confused
The next day of the stories they told
The fears they were expressing
The tears they were crying

I was confused
I knew nothing of what they talked about
But I was in the same tent they all slept in

I shrugged off their misfortune
I shrugged off their fears
I shrugged them off

Her only daughter
In unknown lands
In dangerous conditions
Unable to get to if I was hurt

Mommy I’m calm
Was the first words I spoke
After a couple days settling in
Which eased her

Because I knew
I was surrounded by my angels
I was safe
With nothing to fear

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