“Gone Home”

By: Yellowbonewonda

There are some
People on this Earth
That exist
I think
They are heaven
Placed on Earth
To be tested
For whatever time frame
Of their pureness
Before they are taken
Into God’s grace
These are the Gone to Soon
Innocents of the world
That were
Not blinded
By the Devil’s
Charm and glamour
They saw the truth
And followed the path
They were sent on
To earn their wings
This test is like the
Hunger games
But no one is being killed
To win
A contagion of the deadly sins
Are set free
And the ones that are immune
From gluttony
And Sloth
Are the ones chosen
For immediate release
You will never
See it in their eyes
Or in their demeanour
They have been through
Hell but they
Have never shown it
Walking through
Live minefields on a daily
Stepping with confidence
Knowing that wherever
They place their foot
Nothing will harm them
There are angels
Guiding and protecting them
Shielding them from the blast
When others
Traveling along side
Of them
Are getting blown up
By the minute
These beautiful people
Are the anoitted
They are
Withstanding every
Trail and tribulation
Thrown at them
If you don’t know them
They are
The ones standing
Head high
Smiling from ear to ear
Like nothing has ever touched them
They are a testament
Of their faith
They believed
In a higher power
That all is well
Even when it
Doesn’t seem
Like it
They were told
In their dreams
Everything will be better
And to trust
Even when
No money is coming
Everything will be
Provided for
Just be happy
A roof is over their head
Clothes on their backs
And they have a full belly
Every thing else
That trickles through
Is icing on the cake
So I tell you
Stressing on things
Out of your power
Is something not worth it
Because tomorrow
Is not promised
And every minute
Should be
Treated as a blessing
Keep smiling
Through adversity
And follow that lighted path
To the old kingdom


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“Where Are You Going”

When it comes
To Mother Nature’s
She has no plan
She doesn’t care
About your circumstances
Brush Fires
Snow storms
Are thrown at us
She is blind
Like Lady Justice
We can’t do anything
But run and hide
Hoping she’s not mean
Or spiteful enough
To keep chasing
After us
When she fights
Nothing is fair
She throws
Anyone and everyone
Devastating nations
She is an equal opportunist
That speaks a language
Everyone understands
Her wrath
All over
She doesn’t care
About anything
She has two questions
To ask
All of humanity
Live or die
And whatever your
Personal preference
On who you love
Political stance
And who you hate
Is irrelevant
Your fighting
Is not her problem
That’s your cross to bare
If you are
Rich or poor
Black or white
Democrat or Republican
Gay or Straight
Her mission is to
Destroy or let live
She is judge and jury
Of the physical land
That we live on
She doesn’t care about
Where your soul
Heaven or Hell
That is up to
A much greater power
Until then
She will show her truth
Through her actions
She doesn’t lie
Or make promises
To spare anyone
Over another
She accepts no bribes
Money can’t buy
Your life
No one
Is safe
Last battle
With good and evil
Is based on your actions
Before her rampage
Of this Earth
So pray to your maker
And be absolved of your sins
Get to high ground
Stay out of her path
And hope she doesn’t
Change directions
Coming to your hiding place
Wiping out
Your existance


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“Recurring Circles”

Death toll
Is still rising
Increasing in numbers
Off the charts
Day by day
It’s a never-ending process
That will not
Until the last body on earth
No longer exist
From the beginning of time
We live
We die
Shed tears
Then hold on for dear life
To memories
Of those gone too soon
These memories
For a while are vivid
It’s almost
As if they are standing
In front of you
And you are remembering
Who they were
Their scent
Of their hair
A smell
That once engulfed you
Time and time again
Returning like a tidalwave
It’s an overwhelming
Love through
The best
Long hug
That no one else
Could give
But them
This comforting feeling
Overtakes you
Giving you a renewed strength
This wonderful person
The complete package
A smile
That lite up the room
A laugh
That sounded like sweet music
A love
In the purest form
Being around them
Gave a sense of belonging
But we get too busy
These days
And memories
Start to fade
A empty
That can not be filled
All you want
Is to be
Whole again
Back in their embrace
Wanting them to
Hug you
So hard
You can not breath
Don’t care
To be no where else
That’s a love
The breaks you
And completes
Can never be


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“Wasting Your Time”

You have an
Invisible target
On your back
Without knowing
The answer to why
Some people
Are hateful
And all about theirself
Is simple
It’s something they
Didn’t get
As a child
A hug
A kiss
Or a good old spanking
But now
That they’ve
Become an adult
They are acting out
Or is it just possible
They were
Born that way
And an @$$
Who knows
I’m not diagnosing
Whatever they are searching for
Be careful
They see what
They need
Inside of you
They are
In their
Wanting to see
Someone else wading
In the same crap
Called their life
It’s funny
They actually believe
Their life
Is better
Yet they don’t know
You from Adam or Eve
So stop stressing yourself
In asking
Why and how come
It’s not personal
You got caught
In their hunting scope
And became tonight’s dinner
Wrong place
Wrong time
You are their pawn
A Game
Called misery loves company
And it feel like
A Chainsaw massacre
They don’t care
To see no one else’s
It’s a formed habit
They’ve developed
Self absorbed bastards
They deserve
What’s not theirs
And your an obstacle
To defeat
Call it what it is
Stop looking for
It is too
Choose your
Don’t be a victim
Be a survivor
You will never understand
How some people are
Just ignore them


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“No Longer Kids

We have grown
From little kids
To now adults
It was a long
We had together
Eating things
We would share secrets
To no one
Everything was
Just between us
The worst thing
That could have happen
Did happen
But we got through it
After anger
Took over us
We fought
It was horrible
And we cried
Like babies
I am still
Remembering how
Awful and
When were apart
We would set records
To apologize
Hug it out
Laugh about
How silly
We were
Promising never to fight
To a point
It separated us
For more than a day
Nothing is worth
That heartache
I’m so thankful
For our blessing
To have witnessed
The good
The bad
And ugly
Side of one other
We are stronger
Than ever
We are stuck
Like glue
To one another
You cry
I cry
You laugh
I laugh
We are so silly
It’s a miracle
From the day
We first met
We were instant friends
Was the start of this
Budding friendship
I remember the day
You were
Clean cut
Khaki shorts
And blue polo button up
I was
In pig tails
And in my favorite sundress
It was destiny
That took over
Making us
Buddies forever
Thick as thieves
We were
Laughing at each others
Corny jokes
We’ve grown so much
We developed
To something better
My best friend
And soulmate
Our lives intertwined
There is no
Me without you
I can’t imagine
Being separated
I’ve dared you
You’ve dared me
To be together
We’ve never been scared
Of any challenge
So let’s do this
I stand
In front of you
Face to face
Holding each other’s
At this alter
Committing our
Lives together
Til death part us


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“On A Mission”

My heartbeat
Is unsteady
My rhythm
Is off
I can’t dance
To the beat
It feels awkward
My mission is clear
To follow the source
Ending my discomfort
I’m ready
For action
A ride or die chick
In savage mode
Ready to
Just do it
Moving every mountain
In my way
There will be no mercy
My veins are pumping
With the deadliest of venom
There will be
No more waiting
Get out of my way
Slow people
Get to the right
The left is for speeding
I don’t have time
To be caught
In your oblivion
I can not
Sit calmly
Enduring this torture
Fidgety and anxious
Stuck in
I’m Ready
Just release me
Let my alter ego
Take over
Getting behind the wheel
Driving like
The car was stolen
If I don’t win
I die
My eyes are focus
I’m seeing in 3D
My foot is
Pushing hard
On the gas
I’m tasting my victory
Seeing corks popping
And drinking a six litre
Of Dom Pérignon Rose Gold
I am going to be
Your champion
And rescuer
I’m coming
On the mark
Get set
The flag
Has dropped
Zero to Three hundred
In 13.61 seconds
I’m determined
To do
The impossible
To be your Earth bound


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“It’s Your Life”

Never satisfied
Your desires
Are unfulfilled
Never reaching
All you’re doing is
Covering up imperfections
Not allowing yourself
To repair a broken
Unsatisfied self
Look for paradise
Within yourself
Before you seek
Money and power
Because if you are broken
You are only looking
To have an extension
To something
That is poisonous
Life taking
And a suicide mission
To someone not prepared
Searching for the wrong thing
For their life
At that moment
It will cause
Irreparable damage
You lose
Pieces of yourself
On the battlefield
That is called
Your life
When you are fighting
Without a purpose
Other than stacking
To get it
At any cost
By nuking
Living things
Surrounding you
Climbing over their dead bodies
Like it was nothing
Stepping on shoulders
And heads
Fighting constantly
Making mortal enemies
Out of friends
And your lover
The fighting
From sun up
To sundown
With no sleep
Is what nightmares
Are made of
Haunting you
During the day
And at night
Causing sleepless night
It’s your conscious
On high alert
Replaying your decisions
To get you back
On course
To what you’re suppose
To be
Instead of a ruthless stooge
You’re fighting day to day
For something
Not even yours
An object
And if you were
Ever stranded
You would wipe
Your @$$ with it
If you really needed it
Stop giving
This world
More cutthroats
With a lost soul
Only in search
Of the dollar bill


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“Absentee Family”

I wasn’t loved
By my family
They were abusive
After awhile
It is all excuses
To not
Be accountable
For yourself
At this minute
The guilt game
Only effects
Those that feel emotions
You need to realize
You are not
Your past transgressions
Your situation
Although tragic
Must be put to rest
No one has
A hold on you
As much as you do
Engrained into your brain
Yet the keys to your chains
Are in your hands
Or extended family
If they are
In the same mindset
They won’t help you
Unshackle yourself
Release that innocent child
That was you
From all those past fears
Tears and sadness
You’ve grown to be somebody
And you fought
With determination
Not to be the people
That cause this tragedy
One day came
And it was kismet
You crossed my path
I was able to
Give what you needed
Pure energy
That filled
What was almost
An empty vessel
Start your healing
It’s now up to you
To nourish it
Are emotions
You will be feeling
In waves
On a daily
The tomorrow’s thereafter
Just be open
To receiving it
It’s not complex
Take care of you
Give thanks
That you made it through
You are
Where you should be
Standing before
Your future
And potential
Don’t let a biological disaster
Called your DNA
Keep a hold of
Who you want to be
Where you want to be
And how you are continuing
To get there
Your protectors
Came in all forms
Guiding you
Helping you to function
Until this moment
Where you need to
Forgive them
For the sake of you
So you can
Stop concentrating
On a scared child
Afraid of the boggie monster
It’s time to
Relax into your new found spirit
Relate to your present happy self
Release all of the negativity
Of once being defeated
That person
That taught you
In your past
To hate
Was evil and vindictive
And the new person
Teaching you presently
To love
Is compassionate and loving
Move on
And live your life
In spite of
The ones that
Refused to support
Love and cherish you
They are irrelevant


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“Sand Storms”

Without getting
Swept away
And torn apart
Is so unpredictable
I’m looking on
To new possibilities
On my
Brand new energy
To change
My life
For the better
I want to be
Pushed to the brink
Of losing all sanity
It’s a perfect storm
Inside of me
Chaos and order
These words
Come to me
Forming without notice
Popping up
Like sand tornadoes
In the desert
Out of nowhere
Spinning rapidly
Only to die down
To pop up again
To engulf my body
I’m falling
It catches me
Pulling me
Into its chest
Where I can listen
To its heart beating
While protecting me
And allowing me
To witness
As it
Destroys the old
Part of me
Everything is
In slow motion
I’m watching the chaos
While calm inside
Seeing all my words
Come to my grasp
I am grabbing
And arranging
Building it
Into a masterpiece
Being coherent
And providing
Perfect sense
While showing my
I am open
And preparing
My creations
Into melodies
Hoping all will
Hearing all the lyrics
I want to
Open closed minds
And soften
Hardened hearts
Giving my all
In every poem
So the impossible
Will be possible


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“First Sight Delight”

He thought of me
As a mystic
Almost as if
I was a paranormal
A clairvoyance
Of some type
A magical creature
That came from a made
Up story
Getting inside of him
I made little effort
In infiltrating him
I did it with no warning
It was beyond
The normalcy
Of everyday patterns
His life was going
And the day we met
He was taking
His life back
From every
Demanding body
He wanted more
And he put
A stop to it
Not missing
Another day
Of nature’s beauty
He began
Carrying his head up
Eyes scanning
His surroundings
It was something
Pulling him
Directing him
To the here and now
And when our eyes met
It was glorious
It was at first sight
I had already integrated
Inside of him
Causing a sensory overload
A new vibranance of life
He was filled
With true love’s
His loneliness
And empty heart
Was no more
It was no denying it
The magnetic charge
That was building
With such strength
A connection that
With an overwhelming
Love and devotion
So unimaginable
It consumed all the air
And buried our bodies
Under a ton
Of bricks
Dumped all at once
On top of us
It was so
Yet Surprisingly
And calming
This story I tell
Although you are reading
These words
It’s still unexplainable
Common words
Give it
No justice
A love
So fullfuling
And powerful
Not diluted
In its purest form
That is bigger than
The both of us
And growing stronger
And stronger


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“Before You Judge Be Open”

Stop living in
Your comfortable
Blacked out bubble
Form an attachment
Other than society’s
To hate one person
Over the other
Or over
Someone’s else’s drama
A friend
A family member
Hating to hate
Someone’s presence
Making you develop
Those traits
Of ignorance
And prejudice
Without knowing
About those
That are breathing
The same air
As you do
Is almost a crime
Against humanity
To miss those
Because of your unfamiliarity
Causes a mass hysteria
That is contiguous
With no medicine
Because someone is different
This is
When it’s important
To open
Your eyes
And remove those blinders
To see pass
Someone’s physical features
To ask
Who they are
Stop passing judgement
Don’t keep listening
To break room gossip
Everyone has a unique story
Stop pushing your beliefs
On those that don’t want them
Believing that people
Should feel
Like you feel
In every situation
Is ludicrous
Voice your thoughts
Back off
And watch what develops
A place of civility
And good feeling
Of people being
And respectful
Without judgement
Let God
Do his job
And make
Your effort
Treat everyone
As individuals
With a clean slate
Their own story
A gift that is priceless
To all
To be welcomed
As a person


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Stop Playing With Me”

You want me
You need me
You don’t call me
But you love me
I’m chasing
My tail
As if it’s my arch enemy
My mind
Is swirling
I’m not comprehending
It’s my own damn tail
I’m drooling
And craving
Revenge on
You got me twisting
Like a human pretzel
What do you want from me
Better yet
Get the hell away from me
I feel you are just
Coming back to demolish
What was left of me
That you wasn’t able
To get the first time
You came through
Devastating me
I’m feeling that familiar
The hairs
On the back of my neck
Standing at attention
It’s your weird
And creepy presence
That has my body
Are stalking me
Spying on me
Shadowing me
I know
You are waiting to see
When I am happy
To tear that joy
Out of me
Hacking it
To pieces
You are
A life force leech
Sucking all the good
From me
Then leaving me
In a whirling vortex
That makes me dizzy
I have to step back
To reevaluate
Gain a new perspective
I can not
Find my bearings
My equilibrium is off
I don’t know
Which way is up
Or if I’m falling
While standing still
I feel my life
Is upside down
The ground
Is where the sky should be
And the sky
Is where the ground should be
I’m not safe
By no means
I’m either going
To fall
Splattering on the ground
Or continue
Drifting into space
For eternity
There is no middle ground for me
Staying in between
It is not an option
Or being in the gray area
I refuse to let you stay there
I can not
Allow you to float
There indefinitely
We are not
Even in the same books
I’m in Romance and Non-fiction
You’re in Drama and Crime Story
How did I let you
Get away with
Half truths
Flat out lies
I sit here
Engulfed in my thoughts
Questioning how
This puzzle
Can’t be
Piece together
It’s missing
All it’s vital pieces
Was this your intention
To hide
Them from me
I’m finally acknowledging
There is no type of closure
And no way to rebuild from
All the trauma
So let’s just call this
What it is
Uninhabitable territory


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“Creating Happiness”

I was in
The thickest of fogs
It surrounded
And followed me
Everywhere I went
Hindering me from
Seeing into my future
My goals
Were escaping me
I dreamt
As a young child
Watching Disney
Loving the scene
A Fairy god mother
Comes to the rescue
To help find the truest of love
A gallant chivalrous Prince
Riding on a white horse
Whisking me off
To our castle
Where we begin
A life
Of happily ever after
Life has dwindled on
Those images
Those are delusions
In this day and age
I would probably be committed
It’s like saying
I spotted big foot
That no one believes
Except the crazed
In straight jackets
I wanted
To be that happy wife
And proud mother
I just kept meeting
The same quality of men
That turned out mental
With no potential
To see past
The present moment
So I ask
If you are so different
I want to see your actions
And hopefully
You will be
The last real gentleman
To approach
Me as a lady
And not as a piece of meat
You’re splurging on
For just tonight’s dinner
Wham Bam thank you ma’am
Is not in my vocabulary
I will not give it up freely
Your efforts
Have to be
Something that words
Can not come together
To make sentences
If your mind knows
What it wants
The body will act it out
Going on autopilot
So your mouth
Won’t screw it up
By saying something so stupid
So if you know
What you want
Come and get it
Set your mind into motion
To build
A future
With a stranger
Making it happen
With transparency
Letting your action
Persuade me
To fall
In love
With you
And marrying me
Before someone sees
The open opportunity
Because you was not ready


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Closest And Longest Relationship”

I’ve been threatened
With empty threats
My whole life
I was never afraid
Of her
She would
Always tell me
If I wasn’t her child
I’d be dead long ago
I won’t tell any lies
I did test her
Whenever I felt
A need for adrenaline
To run like the wind
So she didn’t catch me
I actually thought
I saw hot scalding steam
Come out of her
It was so comical
Bursting out of her head
Capable of making
Third degree burns
All over my body
Yet I have no wounds
Or a dysfunctional relationship
Was never called
I was always too slippery
I’m all grown up
The same individual
In a supersized package
No longer a child
Now a woman
But I know she’ll always
Have an open contract
On me
And in fine print
It states
She’s the only one
That has permission
To take my life
As she was the one
That gave it to me
That woman
I call Mama
She knows
Who I am
And knows my attitude
Falls between
Mean $itch
And don’t care
Very frequently
I am
What her
And her village
Raised me to be
A great mixture
Of no nonsense
No drama
A lot of Love
Straight truth
A whole lot of honesty
Very thoroughly
I’m not perfect
By any means
Never have been
Never will be
I have my hang ups
Nonchalant attitude
Speak my mind
Without a filter
Mind my own
Damn business
Maneuvering through life
To not
Be put
In anybody’s
Bull $hit
You will never
Catch me
Ear hustling
A conversation
I barely listen
To the person
Talking directly
To me
I zone out
On a regular
I lack the ability
To keep
My attention
Focused on
The blah blah blahs
Everyone sound like
Charlie Brown’s teacher
I am not pretending
To be
Mother Teresa
I have no mission
To save
The world
The only agenda
Thus far
Is making
Sure my crazy lady
That was born to birth me
Has what she needs
She will never need
To beg from
The first and last in line
Taking on the
I don’t know
How to be selfish
She asks for it
I take care of it
Will never be
Something I can’t manage
We grew up
As kids
Side by side
Thick as thieves
No distance
Is too far
To travel
When my heartbeat
Skips a beat
Or flatlines
I’m dropping everything
Running as if I was an Olympian
Breaking record
Breaking time
Winning the gold medal


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“In Due Time”

By: Yellowbonewonda
I refuse to
Give new life
To your existence
On a daily
Making your evil
Stay fresh
In my mind
Never letting it
Out of my head
But it needs
To be poured
Into the universe
So I am not rehashing
Old memories
You know
What you did
Don’t worry
I’m not
Plotting against you
It’s not
Up to me
Karma is
A best friend
Of mine
She has my back
And when she calls on me
I will be in the right place
When you least expect it
That day will come
Falling like dominoes
Just know
I am not
That saved
To turn
The other cheek
To get slapped
I don’t need
To put a curse
On you
Stalk you
On social media
Hate you
In public
Bring attention
To you
Or call you
By your true name
A devil incarnate
A half blood
Walking in this world
In everyone’s ears
I’m not going to announce
As if I’m your butler
For the world
To see
Who you are
A wolf
In sheep’s clothing
What is
Inside of you
Will present itself
To all that come
In contact with you
I will keep my
Thoughts private
Thinking about you
Every minute of the day
Gives you more power
I’m not willing
To give so freely
I won’t let you
Keep fueling my anger
Making a raging inferno
Inside of me
The real thing
Inside of me
Is stronger than you
Will ever be
It’s like
Echoing church bells
Throughout Italy
I’m hearing the ringing
And a voice
So clearly
Today is
My time to shine
And it will defeat
All my enemies
My kindness is a priveledge
Lie to me
Lie on me
Take my name in vain
Steal from me
Try to break me
Sleep with my man
I don’t need
Fake friend
Bad intentions
I won’t hunt you to the ends of the Earth
Question you on why you betrayed me
Or stomp your @$$
Like I should
It’s in due time
I’m a lady
Letting Karma
To reward those
That are good
And punish those
That are no damn good
Keeping my hands

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“Dreaming In The Matrix”

Everyone has the capacity
To be a killer
Some have
Self composure
How to balance
Right from wrong
Morality and immorality
Killers are in all forms
Even a family member
No one is beyond
The reach or Evil
When they are the
Criminally insane
With no conscious
To believe
We are not the same
But we all have the same
So why is so hard
To realize
We are going
To keep
Past mistakes
In a matrix
Of made up
Because no one is learning
We can never
Leave until
We see
A way to
Stop being so blind
And selfish
It’s a mirage
That catches your eye
A fantasy
That fills you with glee
It’s like staring
Directly into the sun
Blinding you
From seeing
The truth
You’re walking
And touching
But not knowing what
Is staring
Right back at you
With the absence
Of vison
Your are
What the mass population
Is telling you
Made up fantasies
Going off their imagination
Coming from
A blissful ignorance
It’s the blind
Leading the blind
They can not see
What they
Don’t want to see
Your safety is not real
You can not be
Too comfortable
To trust someone
You never know
Who is plotting
To take
What is yours
Your life
Your freedom
Your family
Or your valuables
The reality is
Nothing is yours
When you die
Another person
Gets your property
Look around
At all the masters
Of manipulation
There are red buttons
In every city
And on every planet
Waiting to be pushed
Unveiling the inevitable
This place
We live in
Is not a piece
Of heaven
We need to realize
We are living in
Going through
This lifetime
On a continuum
With no end
To this everlasting story
The play button
Has been pushed
Then we get to the end
And someone rewinds
The Earth’s cycle
To repeat again
And again
Until we are civil
And loving
To one another
God doesn’t want
This devastation in heaven
So we will be stuck
Here for eternity


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Shattered Can’t Be Fixed”

By: Yellowbonewonda

As humans
We have been
To fix
The unfixable
Things that are broken
Beyond repair
Gone astray
That are abusive
On an already
And tortured soul
Two people
Caught in a web
Of using each other
For what they are
Both missing
One broken
In half
The other
Shattered beyond
Trying to fix
Each other’s damage
With not enough
Between them
To heal
And bleeding wounds
Inside them
They are both
Blinded by
The idea of love
Seeking it
From anyone
Including an empty vessel
When people
In their past
Not letting it go
Or getting help
To acknowledge
Their pain
They will never
Take on responsibility
Of their present self
Living in today
They will use distractions
Or find an outlet
Materialistic things
As coverage
To continue in their denial
Covering up
What can not be covered
With the newest fashion
A life
Surrounded by
Smoking mirrors
Which cast off
Backwards reflections
Of demons within
Fighting so hard
To keep them from
Feeling true emotions
Staying numb
Day to day
Nothing and no one
Should tie down
Anyone’s spirit
Making you feel
There is no way out
Things are replaceable
And relationships that
Engulf your human nature
Are not healthy
And Should be
You too
Their level
Of Shattered
Instead of
Just broken
And repairable
Don’t hold on to
Just for
Sentimental attachment

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“Doing What I’m Paid For”

My days
Have always
Been the same
When it comes
To work
Same crap
Different day
Come to work
Leave work
Mind my own business
I don’t waste
Precious time
To ask
How are you doing
What are you up to
How was your weekend
Where are you going
After work
It’s not my business
I don’t believe in
Idol conversation
That I have
No interest in
Getting to know those
That are not
In getting to know me
Beyond what they hear
From silly ninnies
That have never
Sat down
And had
A conversation with me
Yet always
Have an opinion
About who I am
What I’ve done
Who I’m with
If I’m a liar
Or someone crazy
Needing to be committed
I choose my friends
Small circle
Easy to know
Who has betrayed me
I avoid any
Unnecessary spotlight
Being photographed
With people
I don’t care for
To keep from
Answering questions
Or someone assuming
I am friends with them
I keep in my place
Staying under the radar
Almost invisible
Blending in
Like a chameleon
But when I need to
I will be ferocious
Defending myself
From people
My kindness
For weakness
I will
Make waves
That will drown
So I rather
Walk a straight line
Staying in my lane
Doing what I was paid to do
Taking care of my customers
Making their day
A little better
Good service
Lots of laughter
Doing over and beyond
Then shut it off
After I’ve clocked
Going home to my life
Don’t think
I’m heartless
When someone
I worked with
Ask for help
I will spring
Into action
Helping them out
It’s in my job description
To be a team player
And once the task
Is complete
I will retreat
Back into
My solitude
Working to get things
Ready before
The next rush
It’s called planning
And a stress reducer
Being everready
Not caught slipping
And being overwhelmed
Taking the day
I’ve been handed
And making it easier


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Worst Enemy Is My Body”

By: Yellowbonewonda

My body
Is betraying me
Taking me through
So much pain
And confusion
I am asking
Why is this
I have some messed up
Things inside of me
Fighting against
Each other
They hate being
Part of a happy system
Working together
To have a healthy body
It’s a mental
And physical war
With no end
I’m at my wits end
I’ve tried everything
That was humanly possible
It is time
To resort
To something
Very radical
I am putting in
An ad for
A mad genius
Into making good on
Unimaginable procedures
That will take
On the impossible task
To detach my head
From my shoulders
While keeping me alive
My body stop acting
As if its my worst enemy
Who knows
Why my
Immune system
Blood circulation
Are doing
Their own thing
Causing trouble
And messing up
My delusion of harmony
I thought
I was
Doing good
On my upkeep
Giving relaxation sessions
Cheat days
Of giving in to
Whatever it was craving
I guess not
This is too much to bare
Almost unforgivable
This head of mine
Does not have good intentions
Its killing me
From the inside
Very slowly
It’s torturous
There is
A weight on my shoulders
As if I’m carrying
Mount Everest
I am sinking
Under the Earths surface
The sun is disappearing
I’m living into darkness
My eyes are half massed
I’m walking like the living dead
I feel all types of pressure
From my head
To the bottom of my feet
It’s surrounding me
Suffocating me
Getting closer
Too close
I’m sick to my stomach
This pressure
Is driving me
To be psychotic
I’m unable to think clearly
There is not rationale
In my ranting
I just want
To be pardoned
From this prison
I can not do a lifetime
With my body
On a rampage
Making its own decisions
Causing so much pain
That it is mind blowing
Help me before
It’s too late
To save me

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Dead Bones”

When you become an adult
You should
Get rid of childish things
Giving it a proper
Placing it
Where dead bones
Should be
In a grave
Six feet deep
But instead those items
Are kept
Like souvenirs
Picked up
Over the years
Packed up in boxes
To the ceiling
Never getting thrown out
Causing you
To be an extreme hoarder
Why do you
Think your life
Does not matter
So much
You need such baggage
You’re giving
Over your free will
And all your power
To people
Who don’t matter
You give them so
Much control
To dictate
Your every move
When you have a big responsibility
To live your life
As it should be
Without any direction
From those dictators
You act
As if
You are their puppet
Telling you what to do
How to do it
When to do it
Why are you
So willing to give up
So easily
Laying down
Without a fight
Letting people
Kick dirt on you
Where is your courage
To fight
You have made significant successes
In your life
However small
They are full of positivity
Laughter and happiness
Yet you are not willing
To see
Simple beauty
In its purest form
Because it’s not
What you wish it to be
You want it bigger
Like someone else’s
No one has it better
Than the other
We all carry
Those skeletons in our closet
Holding on to them
Like a favorite blanket
We would carry around
As a child
For safety
But in order to make progress
We have to be
An individual
Of tremendous power
Being someone to be reckoned with
Going to a place
Of destiny


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Heart Stolen By A Thief “

A thief
Came in the night
While I was sleeping
Stole what was irreplaceable
When he could not find
My valuables
My money
My gold
Or my diamonds
In my house
He stole my prize possession
My heart
From a hidden safe
I was devastated
Fearing the worst
I was empty
Feeling nothing
But lost
I reported it to the police
Calling on the media
To help
I had a volunteer search team
Around the clock
I hired a private eye
To find this crook
I posted flyers
With pictures
On every window
And tree trunk
In all surrounding counties
Begging this stranger
To return
It immediately
It’s mine
And it’s killing me
Every minute
It is not with me
I will give about anything
A handsome reward
Fit for a king
All my possessions
But to no recourse
All my requests
Went on deaf ears
I began
Wishing for death
How can I go
Through life
Without my heart
As days went by
I got ransom letters
That didn’t ask
For money
He said
He wanted me
And not just part of me
All of me
I wasn’t ready to give that
To this stranger
That took the best part of me
This horrible
Hold he has on me
Keeps me up at at night
I can not eat
Thinking about
How much
He’s asking from me
This is not an easy
To give to a stranger
My priceless treasure
My heart
More than life itself
How can I trust
A thief
That has
Taken and hidden it
In a place
Unknown to me
I want what is mine
My heart
I need it
To me
In my hands
Put back
Under lock and key
From heartbreak
And life devastation
At least for
A moment
So I can just breath


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“Why Are Children So Disrespectful”

We got some good kids
We got some bad kids
We all are responsible
We need the village
To come together
To raise these children
From being so disrespectful
And belligerent
We need
The older lady
Sitting on the windowsill
The teacher
In the classroom being present
The principal
Walking the hallways and checking bathrooms
The parents
Being involved in every aspect
Making kids accountable
For their actions
Teaching these children
They are years from being
And only when
They can earn
A living
Able to live
On their own
Paying bills
And contributing
Their tax dollars
Then they will be able
To be in charge
Of their life
Why is it
Some children
Have no vision
To see beyond
Their circumstances
Seeing the big picture
That their childhood
Only comes once
And they should live it
Being carefree and
Loving the time
Of being just a kid
With only one responsibility
To go to school
Get an education
Follow their dreams
Strive for it
And know that
Outside of that
Does not matter
Fighting people
Because they are looking
At them wrong
Or talking behind
Their back
Gossiping telling lies
They rush to the extreme
Instead of talking
They are using weapons
Kids are dying
Too soon
Over snapped decisions
We as adults
Need to put these children
Back in their place
Be involved in everything
They do
Inside and outside
Of the home
Being there for them
All children
Need guidance
They are our future
So let’s change this
Before it’s too late
And the problem
Gets bigger

– Yellowbonewonda

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Do It Like You Mean It”

Drink me
Eat me
Devour me
Need me

Give me the hidden
Part of you
No one has seen

It’s the secret
You’ve been
From everyone

But because
I’m special
A missing piece of you
The One

You’ve dreamt about
All of your life
You will give it to me

You will feel
You are drowning
And you will need
To kiss me

To breathe
Because only
Through me
You can live

Kiss me like
You mean it
With all of your
Inner being

Your spirit
Your soul
That is filled with
Untapped passion

Love and lust
That will scare you
To know it was
Built up

Only for me
And no one else
Give me
All of you

That no one
Has ever had a chance
Of seeing
Feeling or experiencing

I want to be
One to drain you
Of your misery

Your Hurt
Your anger
Recharging you
With all of me

Filling your emptiness
Quenching your thirst
With my energy
As you come into my embrace
Let me be
Your paradise
The island
You come to

That no one
Knows about
That allows you be
Happy and hungry

For my touch
My love
My essence
I will be your fantasy

Your reality
Your refuge
That you escape to
From all the craziness

You face
In this world
That take away
Your mental stability

– Yellowbonewonda

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Rescue Mission For Humanity”

On top of devastation
There are
Evil minds
With idol hands
Taking advantage
Getting ideas
Of making a quick buck
Price gouging
Shooting at rescuers
Trying to steal their boats
Because they are selfish
Preying on people
Trying to survive
In this crisis
Worn out
It’s a miraculous thing
Coming together
Everything set aside
And Politics
And support
Over pouring
Hearts are open
We Are The People
Hand and hand
Coming together
In a disaster
No one could prepare for
Or could imagine
The catastrophic
That mother nature
Would go to
Her plan
To teach
In her way
Showing if we
Don’t take care of her
Like she takes
Care of us
She would show her power
A wrath of great proportions
This storm is a warning
It’s unprecedented
For the record books
To go out three times
To the gulf
Gathering up
More strength
Pouring everything
On everyone
As if she was cleansing
Her lands
To make all of us
She has the power
And we live here
Only because
She lets us


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“Why Is Life Undervalued”

How is it
That physical property
Things that you buy
That have a price tag
Are more important
Than human life
Are completely
So much
It is ridiculous
Water is rising
All around you
Surrounding you
Boxing you in
Trapping you
With no way out
If someone comes
To the rescue
Don’t wave
Them off
When they arrive
You need to evacuate
Your pride needs
To be set aside
Your stubbornness
Needs to be
Put to rest
Take the help
That God sends you
He lead them to you
To save your life
Water is not something
To be played with
It is
One of the most
Wonders on this Earth
It choses
Its own path
To sustain
Or cause death
It has no conscious
It knows it’s purpose
So why
Don’t you know yours
Where is your
Self preservation
Don’t wait until
The last minute
To have a clarity
In judgement
To get out
And the water
Is over your head
And you are drowning
Common sense
Is to live
And protect
Your family
All things bought
Can be replace
Once gone
It’s gone
There is no recovery
From death
Stuff you think
You are saving
Does not get buried
With you
It is not hard
To compute
Leave your home
To safe ground
And live a life
That you was gifted
Be sensible
Because the consequences
Can never
Be undone


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“A Storm Of Reckoning”

Something so
Is going on
Everyone’s thoughts
Are lingering
On doom and gloom
The storm
Is not a storm
Of destruction
Your thoughts and fears
Are misleading you
Take another look outside
Through clear eyes
See the beauty
A cleansing is going on
And those that are scared
Are hiding
The wind is blowing
With great strength
As tornadoes
Trying to remove demons
Possessing everyone
With no soul
The thunder is roaring
To scare the rest of them
That stayed
Hiding in the darkness
Waiting to be forgotten
So they can begin again
Tempting people
To fall off their path
Once again
So that they can
Easily steal souls
From Jesus
The rain is falling
At a rapid pace
Tears from our guardian angels
Spreading holy water
Casting out
The left over demons
Driving all the
Evil away from
This place
Causing a rebirth
To new life
New decisions
For the ones
Of great power
That are able
To make a change
To change
Their minds
Before The Almighty comes down
And pass judgement
On those that
Are leading
Everyone astray
People are in denial
Fighting and saying
Who is best
To guide them
But no one is
Choosing wisely
When they keep choosing
A man
Who thinks
He’s god
But he is a false
Leading them
To damnation
No one on this Earth
Man nor woman
Can make anything
Great again
But the Almighty
So start praying
To him
To hardened this crooked
Man’s heart
So he will
Be seen in his true image


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Where Is Love”

This society
Is continually
Going down
The crapper
More and more people
Are not taking
Personal responsibility
Of their actions
The entitlement
Some people have
Their priorities
Are screwed up
Just me
People use sex
As recreation
Jumping bed to bed
With strangers
Just unzip
And there you go
Going at it
Jack rabbits
It’s almost
A fading memory
When people
Would get
To know
Each other
Falling in love
Getting married
And having a family
There is no more
Love making
Just screwing
Each other’s
Brains out
Not caring
About the consequences
Sexual diseases
Without a cure
That kill
Or lifetime commitments
With the wrong
Damn person
Populating a world
That is already dying
From Pollution
And pure ignorance
It’s too many
Mama’s babies
Daddy’s maybes
Sleeping around
So much
Not knowing
Who is her child’s daddy
Or she knows
Who he is
And he denies
All accusations
They never slept together
He wore a condom
And if he didn’t
Wear a condom
Saying his pull out
Game is on point
He can’t be the daddy
This is not a game
A child is involved
Baby mama drama
Deadbeat dads
Unwanted babies
Unfit parents
Just because
They didn’t want
It’s just
Too much
Just take
Personal responsibility
Keep your legs closed
Clothes on
Take sex
Out of the equation
And get to know
Who you are
Dealing with
Avoiding consequences
Of a few exciting
Or disappointing minutes
That could cause misery
For the rest
Of your life
Or better
Yet kill you


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“What Is It About Me”

I’ve always been
To a fault
With everyone
Saying what’s on my mind
With no regrets
I have no built
Up aggressions
Anyone can sense
You’ve done something
To me
And you will know
How I’m feeling
I don’t do fakeness
I know who I am
It’s only
One thing
About me
I can not explained
My mother and I
Have always questioned
Why kids
Are mesmerized by me
I’m a worldwide sensation
Everywhere I travel
Around the world
Children stare at me
As if they are seeing something
Even for them
It’s as if
They are catatonic
No voice
No words
No type of communication
I try to break the ice
By making jokes
Asking them
Is cake on my face
And when the child says nothing
I wave good-bye
Walking away
Knowing their reaction
To search for me
When I’m out of their sight
Almost breaking their neck
The parent is amazed
Their child
Takes to a stranger
So easily
Laughing in a nervous laugh
As their child
Sit in their stroller
In a trance
Still smiling
But not saying nothing
The answers I get
From the older generation
Babies and toddlers
Guardian angels
Or evil spirits
I know it’s guardian angels
Around me
Causing the look on their face
It’s not fear
It is pleasant
And soothing to them
I’ve stopped babies
From crying
Throwing tantrums
With just showing my face
Silencing them
As if I had
An on and off switch
In a glance
Putting them at ease
Only when I leave
They snap out of it
Resuming to being their self


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“We Come As One”

I’m not into small talk
Let’s skip to the bottom line
If you say you want
To get to know me
There is a matter
Of importance
We must discuss
If you haven’t noticed
I am a mother
I’m looking for a man
That can except that
Knowing if you date me
You will be entering into
A package deal
You can not choose
To be with me
Ommiting the other
Half of me
This special person
That stands
Behind me
Holding on for dear life
With his little hands
At my waist
Peaking his head
Around me
Shyly smirking at you
He’s not a puppy
You can not
Pet him on the head
And think he will run away
And play
And entertain his self
While you get with his mother
He’s my son
And you will have
Talk to him
Get to know him
Build a relationship
Being his male role model
Teaching him how
To be greater than
What he is now
He is the greatest kid
You would ever meet
He’s well mannered
And protective of his mother
He is
My baby
My heart
My breath
My everything
Before anything
And anyone
There is no one in this
That matters the most to me
I gave birth to him
Wiped his tears
And fell in love with him
At first sight
He is a gift to me
From his first
And until his last
No one can break this bond
We are forever linked
No man
Will ever come between that
I will fight for him
To the death
You will not disrespect him
In anyway
Because you feel he is not your blood
That’s why we are talking
About this now
He is mine
And if you want a life with me
He will be ours
I’m not that crazy mom
That lets a child
Dictate who I’m with
Or run my house
He is my child
And his well-being
Is my ultimate responsibility
He will respect you
Being in a child’s place
So think it through
Before you say you want a relationship
I’m his mother
And his well-being
Is priority
I need a man
Who gets that
And wants the same things
To be a complete loving family
I need an example
For my son
So when he grows up
He will be an honorable man
Strong and a leader


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Give Me Memories”

That day so long ago
You took your chance
Now I’m taking mine today
Telling you how I feel
And what I’m missing
From this relationship
Before I pack my bags
And leave never looking back
Please let’s fix us
Before it’s too late
I refuse to
Fade in the dark
So I’m giving you a chance
To correct this problem
And remember
The way you got me
Is the way you keep me
I won’t settle
For less
I am a Queen
Be my King
My protector
My lover
My companion
My best friend
Fill this void in me
With your love
Recharge my energy
Renew my spirit
Let’s get our
Hearts beating
Like before
As one
Getting back
In tune
Making beautiful music
Filling our life back up
With magic
And all our future days
Until death
Do us part
You said I am
Your everything
Your only love
Your true love
Your future wife
The mother
Of your unborn children
Then treat me as
If I’m worth it
By putting in some effort
You fought so hard
In the beginning
To win me over
To be my man
Then get me
And treat me like a stranger
That you just met
Off some street corner
I’m tired of begging
I refuse to continue waiting
I will not live my life
Being complacent
Not being appreciated
I can not continue to be
Your favorite piece
Of furniture
Always staying in my place
For you to lay on me
Every night
Because you’re comfortable
Either you hear me
Or lose me
I need to be
Outside this confined space
I want
New memories
That cause butterflies to dance
In my stomach
I want surprises of little trinkets
That make me giggle
And blush
That show you were thinking
Of me
Different parts of your busy day
I want to feel special
Like I once felt
When you looked at me
And said
Damn I need her number
I miss that look
You had in your eyes
Like I was a gourmet steak
Come on hun
Come work
For your dinner
You won’t be sorry
I’m worth it
And don’t fill up too soon
Save room
Because I’m also your dessert


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”v

“I’m Not Disgracing Myself”

You almost made me
Come out
Of my character
From being a lady
To become something
Much worst
A scorned woman
Out for blood
An evil incarnate
Looking for ways
To torture you
I will be that predator
Playing with my meal
Until you feel
The intensity of my wrath
Taking chunks of flesh
From your body
Waiting for you to wish
for death
But before the horns raised
My claws sharpened
And my blood thirst
Became uncontrollable
The thoughts of revenge
I began laughing
Snapping back into character
What my mother told me
If you’ve out grown your toys
Then give them to the needy
Since you can’t keep it
In your pants
Your price tag is free
To fight over a man
A cheater
A liar
That used my love
As a weapon against me
Spoon feeding me lies
Of women
Coming on to him
And he was so overwhelmed
He just fell into bed with them
Thinking I was a fool
To believe him
Acting as if he didn’t
Have self control
But if the shoe
Was on the other foot
He would leave me
So I’m being the better
Of the two of us
Walking away
Giving him
His freedom
To chase for twenty
Losing your eighty
So when you see me happy
With another
Please keep moving
Never looking back at me


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Look Closer To Her Face”

For every moment
Of happiness
There is sorrow
In the hearts
Of every girl and woman
A daughter
When she comes in the world
She cries for her first breath
Not knowing the world around her
To be safe
A mother
She sees the world
At its worst
She cries for her love ones life
Hoping they come home safely
Every night
A grandmother
When her world comes to an end
She cries for peace
To wash over
Everyone she leaves behind
Hoping they
Will be happy
And remember her in their hearts
In her life
There are more than a million tears
That will go unnoticed
That will flow
Many times down her
Beautiful face
That you can trace
By looking
From her eyes down to her cheeks
Every teardrop will be bigger than
The next
Echoing louder than the other
Making huge puddles
Around her feet
Gathering throughout her life
Causing waves that could take out nations
She has carried many burdens
Many times over
In a world of many wrongs
Making the strongest spirit
Feel powerless
Impossible to protect those she cherish
Because her family thinks she’s crazy
Or a mess
She knows the truth
In this day and age
Her maternal instincts
Are fined tuned
To her loves
From the moment they leave
And return
Where they are considered safe
So no matter
How many times
You say don’t worry
She will
Wait and
Of the what Ifs
Whenever she feels
Evil is lurking
She is always praying for
Everyone’s safety
So I beg you to understand
A woman may cry many tears
Throughout her life
But the thing is
To stop
Letting them go unnoticed
Wipe her tears
And appreciate her worry
Knowing she is the one that loves
With every part of her being
Stop being so dismissive
Because you don’t feel
What she feels
She is grandmother
Mother and daughter
With a loving heart
So she is valid


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“What Life Could Be”

You must have been
An angel
Heaven sent
I was caught
In a daze
As my eyes
Met yours
To my surprise
A sparkle
Illuminating within them
Gave me peace
I couldn’t move
As you vanquished
All my misery
And negativity
The darkness
Within me
Into the light
No more things
That go bump
In night
They’ve stopped haunting
For the first time in my life
You’ve done miracles
That no one
Else could do
It’s as if I’ve died
And gone to heaven
Surrounded by the warmth of God’s grace
Finally fulfilled
Walking through gardens
Of blossoming fruits and flowers
That blossom for eternity
Where everything is plentiful
With no reason to return
To this awful place
You are a true master
Of all beasts
To calm all of them
Within me
As you took your chance
With a passionate embrace
Pulling me into you
As you cupped my face
When your lips
Touched mine
I felt our heartbeats
Become one
Giving me the true meaning
Of being loved
And feeling safe
I was lost for so long
After wondering
Going in cirles
Chasing dreams
That would vanish
When I got close
With one kiss
Planted a seed in me
Of pure happiness
Nothing else mattered
A bubble surrounded us
As the world went silent
And everything froze
Into place
I didn’t know
That falling in love with you
Could be so sudden
But it felt like I known you
All my life
To bring me
Such a beautiful gift
And a promise
And happiness
For the rest of my life


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Confidence Not Conceited”

I walk with pride
Head held high
Leaving footprints
Showing you where
I’ve come from
And where I’m heading
If you think to follow
My path
Keep up
I’m not slowing down
I’m walking with a purpose
Not going in circles
I’m focused
I will go
As far as my thick luscious legs
Will carry me
I am not conceited
By no means
Just taught
To weed out the bullies
That would call me
Names Otherthan
My given
Having self awareness
Is my greatest power
To be an individual
With high self-esteem
To beat those that don’t
At a game
That they can not play with me
Because I’ve already won
Not stooping to their level
Just by being me
Something they don’t know about
It’s just mandatory
For a fighter
To know for a fact
No one can break me
Or hinder me from my purpose
Because after I was made
The mold was broken
Making no efforts
To duplicate
My combination of genes
Was deliciously put together
And in that
There was a magnificent creation
Of a confident warrior
Not afraid to say
I am special
And when I look in a mirror
The reflection
Staring back at me
Is a beautiful queen
That has her own power
My smile is described to me as warming
Friendly and comforting
To those that are willing
To get to know me
I give off a scent
So sweet and alluring
That smell like carmel
As though
It’s been poured all over me
From head to toe
I always have a following
Of pets and children
And I think that’s the reason
But what do I know
It’s whatever it maybe
I’m just guessing


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Read The Disclaimer”

In any kind of relationship
I encounter
My love is the most guarded
Part of me
My sensitive side
My vulnerable side
It’s exciting and contagious
I’m selective in my VIPs
That may see
Or experience it
It comes at a high price
No one can afford
It’s priceless
And valued more than any materialistic thing on this planet
That are man made
And have a price tag
Of cash value
When I feel love and loyalty is reciprocated
I see the beauty of creativity
In the smallest detail
Quality outdoes quantity to me
My bond with you is for life
I just ask you
To take consideration
This is a piece of me
Once given
Can’t be given back
The same way
It can only heal
Leaving ugly scars
And I won’t be able to cover it
That’s why I beg you to
Agree before you take it
To promise
That you will nurture and protect it
From this day to eternity
To truly see it
At it’s fullest blossom
I don’t give it
Just to anyone
I will always
Disclose it in a disclaimer
In black and white
And full blown color
So it’s not misunderstood
Or taken lightly
Read the fine print and hear me
On the importance of how to take care of it
My love is a special edition
Once you’ve been loved by me
It will be very unlikely
That you will ever forget the experience
I’m very bold
And very direct
My intentions
Are unfortgettable
I leave no doubt of my feelings
Extremely forward
And self assured
Sometimes I come across
As an aggressive
Or mean as some may describe me
But I’m leaving nothing to chance
There are no head games
What you see is
What you get
I tell you exactly what I want and what I like
I have no what ifs
Running through my head
At night
My words I speak
Come with no regrets
I have a fire
That burns bright and hot
If you are not ready for it
It will burn you to a crisp
Loyalty and honesty is pivotal to a solid foundation
With me
I protect and encourage anyone I love
To be at their best
And be better than the rest
Not letting no one speak ill of them
In my presence
It’s beneath me to just “quit”
On someone or something
If I find no evidence to support
The crimes they’ve done against me
But when I do the find evidence
It will be swift judgement
So don’t betray me
Because it will be immediate
When your chances will be
Permanently revoked
And you will be
Without the fulfillment of my deepest love


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Rain Drops”

It was something about the rain
That energized
Comforted me
As a child
I would love to play in it
Running back and forth
Splashing in it
And trying to dodge
Every drop
That eventually hit me
In my face
Causing me to
Laugh so hysterically
For no other reason but pure happiness
And the joy of being free
I was a child having fun
No electronic devices
No tv
Just outside
Having fun
Doing my one and only job
Being a kid
Doing my best
At playing
Laughing and enjoying
A child’s life
To the extreme
Holding nothing back
As puddles would gather
In certain places
I would have no other choice
To find the biggest puddles
That would get me in the most trouble
Getting soaked
From head to toe
To a point
It looked as if
I had been swimming
It was a wonderful thing being innocent
I miss it so dearly
Because the day that my innocence vanished
It was hardly even noticed
As I developed from child to a teenager
Becoming the most unappreciative
Of what made me fearless
The best part of me
My inner child spirit
I started neglecting
And stop nurturing
So it could grow
To develop into a better me
Instead I became
Very skeptical
Losing the meaning of life’s
Important lesson
To live it to the fullest
Without a care
Of anyone’s opinion
Being carefree
With a vivid imagination
That took me to a mystical places
While wearing
My rose colored glasses
That made my life look so beautiful
Without any restraints
Constricting my creativity
With no fears of failure
Just trying and trying
Until I got better at it
So today I begin my journey
To recapture my magic
Recovering what I was meant to be
An unstoppable
Unpredictable woman
That is capable
Of running
With true direction
Pushing the very limits
To getting to my final destination
And winning my prize
In finding
My greatest power
Buried so deep inside of me


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Only Looking On The Surface”

Just because you
Don’t see it
Doesn’t mean it
Doesn’t exist
You assume are healthy
At first glance
Are dying
Under the surface
An accelerated death
At a young age
A disease within them
Given to them
By their family hertiage
Sucking the very life
Out of them
Causing them to doubt
The length
Of their life expectancy
All alone
Living in doom and gloom
In a downfall
Of negative visions
Giving up
Before fighting
After a doctor
Has giving the statics
Forcing a flashback of their life
Second guessing
All their life decisions
A war is going on
Inside of them
And their immune system
Is losing valuable positioning
Their body is rejecting all
Of their dreams of future endeavours
You look at them
It’s just not registering
You are not seeing it
Because your eyes are deceiving you
Making you feel it’s unbelievable
A vibrant person
That’s just begun their life
Couldn’t be dying
It’s just not possible
It’s a denial reflex
Until witnessing their breakdown
Their emotions are intense
And it’s as if you’re on pins and needles
It’s pouring out so rapidly from the depths
Of their spirit
They are giving you an abundance
Of information
In one moment
Telling you the secret
They’ve been keeping for so long
Saying it was always a possibility
That just became a reality
Using their stupid pride
As an excuse
For not telling you
Because they didn’t want to be pitied
By anyone especially you
But not knowing it wouldn’t be pity
Just concern of their well-being
After the shock has worn off
Then your angry kicks in
Thinking all this time
Why didn’t you tell me
There was no need for you
To be stressing
All alone with this horrible secret
So the gears change again
In your head
From anger to compassion
Jumping into the mindset
To be supportive
To stand by their side
Giving encouragement
To keep them from thinking
Their future is nonexistent
Replacing their doubts
A future of happiness
With a wife of their choosing and children
Them growing up
From a mere seedling
To a healthy vibrate little being
Squishy and loveable
At first meeting
A piece of him and her forever tied together
For eternity
Only if he will open his heart to wanting it
More than his death sentence



“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Hitting Rock Bottom”

It’s a moment in time
That is upon us
Pandora’s box has been opened
Making crazy people
More dangerous
Not liking those that are different
All hate and disease
Are flying around us
The spores are taking us
By the thousands
Like prisoners
Turned into savages
Fighting for scraps
The government is providing
The laws of our lands are changing
Because we are without
A chief commander
Not supportive
Of our forefather’s
To building a nation
Of promise
With freedom to live
And be prosperous
Society is losing
Every part of
What made us human
Not following
What God
Provided us
His word
And true promise
We lost our way
After the government
All religious confinements
Of prayer and mediation
To ground us
In places
That it should not have been demolished
In school
In government
We need him
To cast the devil
Out of all of us
That have fallen into the trap
The devil has set
And laughing at all the souls
He’s collected
With the government leaders
Leading the way
Using greed as the new policy
Taking everything from
Those that are poor
Or barely floating above water
Then using the closed minded cowards
To march in
Peaceful rallies
Provoking violence and murder
Behind ignorance
Because those people thought
They were priveledged
They lack
Of will they have to live and let live
But they think no one is worthy
Of living among them
Please tell me
Where’s the government
In protecting the communities
That are targetted
We are losing a fight that should have been over
After laws were placed
And freed us


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“What Would You Do”

To all men in the world
What would you do
If you had the opportunity
To say it to your mother
Would you let those
Words slip from your mouth
To call her anything
Other than mother
Using words
So disrespectful
So demeaning
So harming to her
That would pierce deep down
To her inner core
Her heart
Destroying her world
Witnessing such vile words
That poured like water
Out of your mouth
So easily
Making her ponder
How could she have ever
Such a coward
A monster
The biggest fool
Incapable of honoring
Someone so irreplaceable
But if you’re not that type of man
Your mother raised


Why would you do it
To your child’s mother
A woman you said you love
Your life and hers are intertwined
She was once
Your rib
The reason you made
A decision to have a family
You vowed to protect
Love and respect her
For better or worst
But you let your frustrations out on her
Because you let life outside
Your home
Dictate your emotions
Causing a violent storm in your home
That should have been your refuge
A place so sacrade
But evil was let in
Allowing you to
Forget what you built
From nothing
Changing the dynamics of your situation
Becoming her closest enemy
Stabbing her so closely
Starring into her eyes
As she crys
Then expecting her to
Lay right next to you
After you disregarded her
As a mere stranger that
Was begging for some money
The damage is done
The relationship will evolve
And she will begin to question
The rest of her life with you
Because you’ve almost reduced it to nothing
By calling her something
Other than Baby or Sweetheart


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Closed Circle”

I’ve always been that person
To sit back and observe
To see who will have my back
When I’m pinned against
The wall
Unable to move
Or call out
Because my screams have been muffled
I just pray
That the people
That know me
As a special individual
Always will have
The best of intentions
Being the ones
That will always
Come to my rescue
You have to be picky
These days
Because you have a lot of people
With no conscious and evil ambitions
It’s sad you have to
Do a FBI investigation
Into the background
Of those you let into
Your inner circle
Some stragglers
Are illusionist
That will play on your emotions
Pretending to be wounded
When they are actually
Wolves in sheep’s clothing
Coming to dinner
To devour your life
Displaying your secrets
To enemies that want to hurt you
Just to make their life
Look a little better
So wake up
People are creatures of habit
And will have no other choice
To remove their mask
And show who they really are
And when you see this
Stop your denial
You can not continue
To be so accepting
Constantly giving excuses
Oh it’s just “Susan”
And “Susan” is the one
Spreading your secrets
And blatantly being disrespectful
True friends or family members
That are really genuine
Will support
You in every effort
Being proud
And cheering
For you and what you’ve accomplished
Out of support and pure love
Without hesitation
Keeping your secrets
As if they were their secrets
For all their living days


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Burn Your Old Baggage”

What do you stand for
When you have no foundation
Or a backbone
That will help you to take chances
To be a better person
That will contribute
And gain value to your existence
You live in the past
Bringing your old baggage with you
To new relationships and new people
That had nothing to do
With your previous mistreatment
You compare everything
Someone else did to you
Calling the new person
On everything they do
Because you never had the chance
To voice your anger
To the perpetrators
That it should have been directed to
Giving the brunt of your hurt
To the undeserving
Causing conflict and misery
To a situation
That didn’t deserve
To be handled
With venomous intent
To kill someone’s spirit
Because you didn’t handle
Your own mental issues
That you developed
Long before anyone else met you
Future people didn’t hurt you
You was the other person’s victim
A new person has no clue
How screwed up
You truly are
So you need to step back
Reevaluate the choices
You are making
And realize
That in not fixing
Your mental instabilities
Your causing harm to everyone
Around you
You must stop playing the victim
After the first chance you gave
And they
Then took you for granted
Again and again
You made
That concusious decision
To continue your repeating pattern
This havoc is damaging
If you don’t confront it
It’s time that you take control
Of you and your emotions
Acknowledge those deep down open scars
Finding a way to heal them
Better yet
Just mourn your lost


Give it the proper Viking burial
Lighting that crap into flames
Stand steadfast
To witness it
Becoming ashes
And getting blown away
Allowing the broken you
To fly away with it


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Animal Insincts”

I’m reduced to
Waiting for someone
To feed me my food
Through a closed
Fortified door


People still feel my frustration
Fearing my aggressiveness
Afraid of my sharp teeth
And razor cut claws
These prison guards know
How much I hunger for freedom
And if they make one slip up
I won’t waste my opportunity
They think I am the lesser of humanity
That my life is not valuable as any other life
On this Earth
I watch as they Kill us
One by one as if it’s for sport
Mounting our heads on their wall
As if it was a fair fight
Using bullets
Tazers and tranquilizer darts
Pretending to be the ultimate predator
But come at me without your weapons
And you will see my aggressive nature
I have been a caged animal
For so long
Captured by man
Taken from my home
Separated from my pride
A magnificent beast
I was
Full of life
No one could compare me
To any other
I turned heads by my shining grace
I was a majestic royal
I made the laws of the lands
Even though it’s confusing
I was feared by everyone
And loved by all
Top of the food chain
Inside my own domain
Now I’m reduced to
People’s amusement
They point and laugh
At my sadness
I’m stuck in this cage
Missing my home
Imprisoned for the rest of my life
I’m disappearing
Diminishing to a mere house pet
I must remember everyday
And not be broken down
I am a fierce predator
That stands in front of you
I have strong bloodlines
Coursing through my veins
Calming my spirit
Encouraging me to imagine
The crisp air back home
Feeding the predator in me
I am not just an animal
And it doesn’t
Give you
The right
To erase my kind
As if we don’t matter
I am a determined
To get back to my family
You will not be
Stuffing or mounting me
Any time in the near future


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Help Us All”


I hate that
In my life
I have to come across
People that are the most

These dim-witted
Cracked egged
Scrabbled brain
Slow rising

The most unnerving
That test everyone’s patience

You feel the urge to choke
The life out of them
But you can’t
Because you’re too pretty

Who wants to go to prison
To be big Bertha’s
New girlfriend
I don’t

They make it so hard
To hold on to your sanity
Common sense is a rare thing
To come across

It’s as if these people
Got tired of waiting in line
To get issued theirs
They complained so much

Talking theirself into
The worst possible choice
Saying it’s not worth it
To wait

Believing the common sense line
Could be overlooked
That the risk was
In their favor

To climb up stupid mountain
They thought was a shortcut
Leaving the line
And going to another line

That was moving faster
Avoiding another skill
A fundamental

If they read the sign
Before getting in line
They would have noticed
It was a line for kids amusement

A distraction for them
A clown making
Funny shaped balloons
And it was free

But these people
Paid the ticket sales person
By signing over the rights
To their soul

To jump ahead
Insisting it’s what
They needed most
Filling their heads with

Generic air
And just floating through life
A burden on society

Causing companies
To make simple
Everyday rules
Putting up dumb down signs

Making those with
Common sense
Say uh Duh
But I guess

You have to post them
To protect the senseless
So they don’t harm theirself
Or those around them


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Blaming Others”

It’s time to
Figure out your malfunction
Why are you afraid
To ask for help
Ask for what you want
Ask questions
To get answers
To problems
You can’t solve
It’s better to ask for guidance
Instead of running
Into the dark
Stumbling over everything
Because your ego
Stopped you from
Asking where was the light
Don’t you realize
The odds are
Practically in your favor
It’s a fifty fifty chance
To it going your way
Yet you keep your mouth closed
Over thinking
The what Ifs
Now your ambition
Is dying
And you’re overflowing
With resentment
Cursing everything and everyone
In your path
Like it was their hand
That covered your mouth
Just look down
It’s your own
That stopped you from talking
That stopped you from asking
It’s your own fault
The blame is not theirs
Stop being so spiteful
Hating on those
That are getting
What they asked for
It’s time to
Realize the truth
They did something
You couldn’t
Opened their mouth
And spoke with confidence
Not timid
Not shy
Not passing up
The promotion
They worked hard for
Like you did
Now you are standing in the corner
Glaring and hissing
Huffing and puffing
Like a two year old
Pissed because you didn’t get your candy
Unless you want to live you life
Behind the scenes
As an unknown
What they would have said
If you voiced your concerns
No one reads minds
No one sees the quiet ones
They are looking for leaders
That stand out
They want fighters
Because fighters are survivors
They’ve learned early in life
There is no shame in asking
Yes or no questions


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Getting In The Game”

It’s unknown
Of your expiration
In a blink of an eye
One minute you here
The next you gone
So stop complaining
You haven’t even tried your best
Yet you pointing your finger
Towards everyone
Except the true culprit
Lack of inspiration
Having no drive
Afraid of success
Avoiding the strenuous climb
To stand for something
Or be someone better
To get out your head
To follow your desires
Just bidding time
Making excuses for why
Is not the day
To accomplishing
Your dreams
Mixed with laziness
To avoid reaching for things
When it is arms length from you
Afraid to step up
To the plate
Because you may fail
Stop making excuses
You must swing and miss
To gain your experience
Get your rythym going
Build your stamina
Use your unlimited
Strikes until you get it right
You are playing the world series
Of your life
With a set number of innings
Playing again and again
Increasing your chances


To win your dreams
Each day a reset
When you rise again
Stop thinking
Your game is unlimited
There are no bargains or pleading
For more than
What you have been offered
There is no special treatment
When death is calling
It’s in the fine print
Of your contract
The redos in this life
Will eventually stop
So start taking advantage
It’s time to get yourself
In the game
Fight for yours
Before your countdown
Gets to zero


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“I’m Here For You”


When you’re feeling down
You can’t sleep
My sleep
Is not your problem

Voice your frustrations
My ears are always yours

I will listen
And reassure you
This is another test
That we will pass together

I may not agree
With your choices
Or the way you
Live your life

I’m not here
To judge you
That’s only
For the almighty

If I said
I am your best friend
Your lover
Your companion

I am whatever
You need me to be
I have
Only one condition

Don’t ever
Betray or
Cause irreparable harm
To me

I will always be there for you
Being your
And a cheerleader

To cheer you on
To give you encouragement
To tell you the truth
To talk you off the ledge

That you are so close to
Jumping off of

I’m Standing
Right there
Beside you
Holding your hand so tightly

My spirit
Will always be there
My love
Will always surround you

I am not a person
That will give up on you
I will never kick you any further
When you’re already so far down

At your lowest
In a hole
So deep
The air is smothering

Reach for my hand
It is your choice to take it
I will protect you
As if I’m your guardian angel

That feeling of pain
And the urge of giving up
When there is no one else around to help you

I am not those other people
I’m in your life
Stopping believing
Those demons

Clouding your head
You are never alone
If I a capable
I will get to you

When you really need me
There is no expiration
Of what I am to you
So don’t hesitate to call on me


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“Love Can Be A Drug”

What is love
To a person that has
Never experienced it
Or known it

In its purest form
There are many
Who have confused it
As having possession of a person

Wanting to hold them
Against their will
As if they are a trophy
Or using them for their own reasons

That are not kosher
Playing a dangerous game
That leaves people scorned
Vindictive and murderous

It’s something
That so many people confuse
And are blind
To seeing how damaging

It is to them
Doing things
Out of character
Stalking their significant other

On social media
In real life
Begging them to return
To them at any cost

Diminishing their dignity
Fighting other people
Unaware of their relationship because they were never told about them

Either STOP fighting the wrong person
And start correcting the one
That says
They love you

Or do one better
Start questioning
Your partner’s true intentions
On your future

To save yourself
Or close your eyes
To the truth that this is not your truest love

It’s not suppose to be so hard
And it’s not going to be easy
It’s going to take work
Because of two different personalities


The truest of love
It’s an unconditional

You can’t force it
On a person
That doesn’t feel
That magically feeling

It’s a locked door
To a place
Only one person
Has the key for

It’s not easy
To have
But easy to lose
If it’s not taken care of

With care
And given
Sunshine to

It’s a high
It can make you
Feel like
Your flying

And crashing
At the same time
You to the core

Being the worst feeling
When you’re hurting
And the best feeling
When you’re on cloud nine

Love can not be bought
It’s something that is given
Without hesitation
Without alternative motivation

Not used as a tool
To get materialistic things
But something
More precious than gold


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“Human Chain”


You must
First save yourself
Pulling yourself to safety
Then lend a hand to pull up another
Forming a chain to bring them all up
So no one dies
If you are lost and confused
Unable to see what direction
Your life should go
How are you able to guide others
Giving advice
Giving all you have
But not leading by example
Achieving your goals
You take on responsibilites
That are not your own
You are giving
When you don’t have nothing to spare
You are struggling
While trying to save the world at the same time
Wondering what you are doing wrong
And why you are not getting nowhere
It’s just at that moment
You should take the time to step back
Reevaluate your situation
Reevaluate your mindset
Reevaluate everything that has you tredding water
So you can fix the problem
You’ve dug yourself into
You must know
Sometimes it’s best to say no
To the many
That hold their hand out
So you can build yourself up
So you can be in a place to help others
It’s not to say you’re being selfish
But you have to be realistic
Just for awhile
So you won’t be on the other end
Fighting for your life
Just think
And not react
Until you have a solid plan
We can drown
Or I can make sure
I’m in a position to
Help both of us
Some people can block their
By passing up on the blessings
Meant only for them
By helping another person
In the same situation
Common sense would be
If you are floating in the same waters
With no lifeboat or lifevest
As everyone else
You must question
How are you in a position
To help them
Without drowning in the process
You can’t save everyone
But you can kill everyone including yourself
As you give a hand
To one person
As support
Another will reach
And so will another
Pushing you under
The water to lift their self up
In a panic
Because they all need help
Survival insincts always will kick in
Survival of the fittest
Will be set in their minds
Without realizing that they are killing
Those trying to help save them


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“Discovering New Strength”

We have fought so hard
To get to this place
Of peace and clarity
Through many trials and tribulations

That tempted us
With confusion
Lack of trust
Forgetting who we were in this marriage

We must keep our promise
To tender our flame
That burns
So deep inside us

From this day on
Let’s enjoy each other
Discovering the deepest part of love
No one could have imagined

Forget all that surrounds us
Please hold my hand
Stand side by side
To the edge

As we jump together
Diving into the deepest depths of life
As man and wife
United and bound forever


Our faith was tested
We nearly lost it all
Evil demons was playing for our souls
Using our mouths

To say hurtful things
They were focused on
Destroying our strong foundation
We both had doubts

We had lost our way
Traveling two different paths
Being complacent
Forgetting to cherish us as a whole

When made a promise
To go on this journey
Together forever
For eternity

We stopped doing for one another
We stopped loving what
Brought us together
It was flashes of happiness

That saved us
It kept shining through
The pitch black darkness
Images of us smiling and laughing

It warmed the coldness
I felt for you
On a daily
I had to get over the anger

To fight through the obstacles
To get us back
And from the thing
That was making us strangers

We stopped being serious
About our future
our love
Even the thought of being together

We were over thinking
Letting evil in our heads
I couldn’t let something
So insignificant

To obliterate
What we built together
Our love Our unity
Our faith Our bond

Let’s forgive
Our misgivings
We survived
The ultimate test

No one one Earth can come
Between us
And nothing beyond this Lifetime can
Break us apart

We have a second chance
To get back the gift
We once were
For one another


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“Breaking Down”

I have not done it in awhile
But I had a good reason
My body was not prepared
For the new stretches

Muscles have weakened
Stiff and not as limber
As it once was
Only a few years ago

I bent over to
Touch my toes
As I came up
I stopped

Suddenly half way up
I grabbed
Under my breast
Swelling had already set in

As big as my palm
Increasing by the second
Almost covering half my body
Over my ribs

It felt so unnatural
All I could do was
Hold on to dear life
To a chair arms length away
from me

The pain was nothing
I could walk off
My eyes teared up
Someone noticed

Causing panic all around me
People rushing to my rescue
My silence and facial expressions
Said it all

I couldn’t speak
I couldn’t move
I couldn’t breathe
I could only hear the person

Standing next to me
Holding me up
Take a slow

Deep breath
Breathe breathe
Don’t tense up
It wasn’t working

The attention of everyone staring
Made me more anxious
I was panicking
The surges were hitting me

Worser than the other
Getting rapid and stronger
Coming one after another
Not giving me a chance to catch my breath

Don’t touch me
Don’t move me
Played in my head
Just leave me be

I can get through this
Don’t bother
It was as if something was moving
Under my chest outward

It felt like a ripple effect
As if someone
Had thrown a pebble
Into a body of still water

A sound so clear
But faint
And if you turned away

Before the pebble hit
You miss the awesomeness
In seeing something so small
Causing water

To move in rapid motion
Creating mini
Expanding bigger and bigger

Until it disappears
But to me
It was not awesomeness
It was pure torture

So bad I felt like I was having
An out of body experience
Escaping for a moment
Until it was safe

To re-enter
I would not
Wish this pain
On my worst enemy

I hate being this broken
And so angry
Because no one knows how to fix me



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“Nameless Bullets”


Afraid of falling
From a high place
With no safety net
Tired of walking on a tight rope

Afraid all the time
Of the man she has loved
Her whole life
She finally gained the courage

Did what was best for her
She saved herself
By climbing down
To safe ground

Walking out of the circus
That was
Called her life

Fed up with the lies
Cheating and abuse
She decided it was time to go
She had everything ahead of her

New place
New job
New beginning
Yet old troubles still following her

Lost in his tunneled vision
As he loaded up his gun
Driving over thirty miles
To kill her

He couldn’t let her go
He couldn’t be happy for her
He couldn’t control her
Like he use to

A weak minded vengeful man
Stalking his ex girl’s
New found happiness
He thought by doing this

It would prove he was the only one
Capable of loving her
In his twisted mind
Hearing echoing voices repeating

If I can’t have you
No one will
He took aim
Shooting through a crowd

Missing the target
His mind was set on
Once the crowd
Heard the shots

Everyone Scattered
Running and ducking
Crying and searching
For a safe place to hide

Then there was silence
A body fell
He killed

The wrong girl
A mother
A daughter
A friend

Minding her own business
He had not seen her due to blindness
And rage that built up inside of him
Holding it for months after his Ex left him

He is outraged
She’s still alive
And oblivious that he killed
An innocent

Behind bars
Life sentenced
Kept alive
So he can replay

The images of his madness in his head over and over
Knowing his life is at an end
And she has moved on
Putting back together her new found freedom

Not looking over her shoulder anymore
No longer searching for the man
That said he loved her
Then tried to kill her


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“It Takes Two”


With his silver tongue
Talking alot of game
Denying every child
Knowing he deliberately
Impregnated them
Playing the game
That baby ain’t mine
Like denial will erase
All the wrong they both did together
He’s not a family man
He does not want to be a father or
A dad
Just a sperm donor
She’s in denial
Trying to change someone that can not be changed
Playing the card
I was in love with him
Not taking on her responsibility
To prevent this man
From making her a statics
Half the time girls
Know this type of man is untrustworthy
He is
Cranking out babies
As if his penis
Was a penial assembly line
He has done it for so long
He has stop caring about
Making sure renegade swimmers
Don’t produce kids
He’s lost count of how many
He has left behind
To be without a father
Or a role model
His idea is to populated half the world
Not caring who suffers
In the aftermath
Just leaving his children
To be raised by young girls
All over the world
With no means to support
A new child or herself properly
Depending on her family
Or the system
To take care of a child
That was
Made by two
It’s a pity
These guys
Have avoided responsibility
Like a plague
No good
Slick talking
Broke down
With no money
No job
And definitely no spine
With a honors degree
From the college
Of don’t wrap it up
Because it just don’t feel the same
Girls need to stop falling for the game
Guys need to stop being the sperm dad
And abandoning their kids
Or wrap it up and stop bringing kids into a world of absentee dads


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“Not Playing Games”

I am not the naive person
You believe me to be
Don’t take it personal
My instincts
Fight or flight
Have kicked in
Like a warning beacon
As if it’s a public safety announcement
The moment you approached me
I’m not feeling you
I don’t like you
I don’t know you personally
I refuse to converse with you
I know you want to talk to me
It’s written all over your face
I have nothing to say
Excuse me


Let me by
Again I don’t want to know you
You just remind me of pain
Misery confusion and anxiety
You have an energy that
Fills the air with poison
So thick it’s suffocating me
Draining the life out of me
I’m sorry
I’m only into breathing
Fresh air that gives new life to me
So release me
I don’t feel death knocking on the door
The stinct of evil surrounds you
The smell is engulfing me
So please walk away
I really need to avoid
Hearing the lies
You have rehearsed for me
So I can be mesmerized
Falling into your arms
As if you’re my champion
Or my prince charming
You are not that
Your intentions are not in my best interest
Please look for your next victim
She’s that other woman
That is not me
You go on your way
You don’t have to wait long
She’ll be coming around that corner
In a few minutes
Try her
Please I beg of you
Leave me to miss out
On this journey
You have planned for me
I’m not interested
I have other plans
That don’t include you
If you go right now
It will save the both of us
From having a painful encounter
That will leave us bruised and bloody
From the fight
I’m ready to fight
To get away from you


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“When Night Falls”

I’ve developed a sleep pattern
My my mind
To have a little aversion
To sunlight
When the sun comes up
I fall asleep
And when the night fall
I’m pacing
From my room
To the kitchen
Back to my room
Trying to figure out what
I can get into
It’s a cycle
On repeat
I’ve inadvertently enlisted my body to join
In this process
I can not stay in bed
And wonder
So now my mind and body
Are up
Getting on the move
And following
The worn out path


I’ve caused
Going here and there
To nowhere
I never want anything from the kitchen
It’s just a place to go
With my restless mind
To walk in the night
Unclear of what I’m thinking
Just restlessness
Times one thousand
It’s a sensation like weightlessness
I want to get out
But I have no where
I want to go
Getting aggravated
Body up
Mind up
Then my soul joins in
Now awaken
Indecisive to where
Or what I’m being pulled to
So I continue
To do more
Pacing from my room
To the kitchen
Back to my room again
Occasionally looking out the window
I’m a night crawler
Mind Body Soul
Not experiencing the nightly activities
Like others do
Stepping into the world
Gathering in places
To party
Or socialize
Doesn’t peak my interest
It’s built up energy
That has no where to go
Feeling trapped
By the universe
In a prison
Looking for what prevents me from stepping into the sunlight


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“Shadow Games”

I am not satisfied
Not by the food I eat
Not by the career I chose
Not even my purpose in this life

I question myself on a daily
Where am I going
In this lifetime
I have been wondering aimlessly
Far too long

I am hungry for something
That feels so far
Out of my reach
This craving has created sleepless nights
Making me delirious and crazy


It has me spinning in circles
Chasing my tail
I am so clueless
I do not know what I want

Or what direction to go
I am a dog looking for my bone
Where I buried it

It seems I’ve been searching
For what I’ve been missing inside myself
So long it’s becoming an unsolvable mystery
My anxiety has been building up

Feels like a volcano
Ready to erupt
Flowing out Hot lava
Burning everything it touches

This hunger of mine
Is a torturous thing
Never giving me peace
My stomach is always rumbling

As if I am starving
But I skip no meals
I have always cleared my plate
I eat everything

Getting my nourishment
It’s not enough
I have never felt full
A familiar emptiness

That has been with me
Since my first breath
That has grown stronger and stronger
Day after day

I am being pulled
In all directions
I feel I’m coming undone
I am afraid

That what I’m searching and craving for
May never be found
My hunger is leading me blindly
Only to have me chasing shadows


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“Hide And Seek”

It’s time to plot
Be conning
Be a mastermind
And get what’s mine

My dreams have been
Getting away from me
For far too long
They are much further away than usual

As if they are running and hiding
Into the darkest of places
So I can not find them
I refuse to let them escape from me

It will not happen
No more
I promise

I am a beast
At the top of the food chain
Looking down from the best vantage point
Of the mountain

With the sun at my back
So it will be hard to see me coming
An ultimate predator
I am

On a mission
To devour all my dreams
I’m stalking them one by one

Like they are my prey
Ready to pounce on them
Using my claws to rip them open
To get to the best parts


Just to feed on them
Slowly so I can taste every flavor
Layer by layer
Taking me to those places of

Those dreams have no chance

I am definitely
Going to make them a reality
I’m on to their scent
I want them so badly

I can taste them
I’m salivating when
Remembering how they would
Make me do a happy dance in my chair at the dinner table

To the music playing
Only in my head
This time nothing can stop me
But myself

I’m not stopping until I get all of them
None of them get a pass
My dreams
Will be my nourishment
Making me a more powerful ferocious beast


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Pieces Of Me”

My biggest heartbreak
Is losing someone
That I’ve made room for
In my heart
A place that has limited access
With few members
I open that door
Slowly and cautiously
And those that are privileged
To enter
I hold closest to my heart
I am devastated by the fact
When they have to leave me
For eternity
I understand when it’s your time
It’s what it is
But I don’t have to except
That defeat
That final decision
Of one doctor saying
Your life is over
That’s the only thing
I’m in denial of
It must be a mistake


A piece of my world
Has fallen apart
Hearing you tell me you are dying
And there is nothing I can do to stop it from happening
There is no machine to go back into time
And remove all this pain I’m feeling
And erase the moment the doctor
No chance of help
As tears swell up
All I can do
Is look up into the night sky
To find a shooting star
And wish for as many things I can
Before it’s out of my sight
I wish you all the things that money can’t buy
I wish you a full life
I wish you peace from all your demons
I wish you actually knew
How special you are to me
I just wished you believed in what was real and staring you in your face
I wish this world had no diseases
Taking people that had so much to give
Way too soon
They are a small piece of a puzzle by many
But in my eyes the biggest piece of my soul
Now lost between the cracks
Given a life sentence
That could have been avoided
Missed by people counting pennies
Instead of looking at the test
For abnormalities
To save a life
That meant so much to me


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“Fighting The Wrong Enemy”


Let’s make a truce
Let’s stop fighting
Against each other
This battle
We have going on between us
Is a distraction from
The real war going on all around us
The enemy is allowing us to kill each other
Lowering our numbers
Using tactics of
Divide and conquer
Winning without fighting us
Or being accountable
For their transgressions
They have used the media
To put us in a daze
Talking about celebrities
That went crazy
To overshadow what is really going on
In our own government
They have used the law
To put those that see threw them
Behind bars
Saying they are causing a riot
But all they are doing is waking up those that are sleepwalking
Through this problem
Look behind you
All their loyal soldiers
Have moved
Into position
To surround us
Didn’t you notice
How close they are to us
When we first began this game of extreme deadly chess
Before we became their pawns
Doing their bidding
Destroying what once united us
Through our humanity
All life is valuable
This thick smoke screen
Is a way to keep us deaf blind and stupid
Fighting each other
Not seeing the truth
To what is really going on
Behind the big black curtain
Right in front of us
We have lost the meaning of our promise
To be We the people
Not We the government
We have been blind long enough
Fighting amongst ourselves
Getting more distant
From what is important
And taking down our common enemy
We are allowing them to do as they please without consquences
Stop injesting
What they are telling us
Eating it up as if it is the gospel truth
Research their calculations
Check them twice
Then check them twice again
Stop being gullible
Question their intentions
So we can find the inconsistencies
They are giving us
Not one person is responsible for our demise
We are all getting
Off track
Of the big picture
To be free
Living our own life
Without having to looking over our shoulder


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“She Just Wants Peace”

Full of dreams of being someone her children
Can look up to
She has the biggest heart
Sometimes too big
It can be her weakness
Often weakening her spirit
Even though she has struggled
For many years
Feeling like she’s in a losing battle
She has been responsible for the little people she has brought into this world
Unlike some other parents
Not accepting their role to be a parent
That neglect or leave their children to chaperone themselves
Her kids have never gone without
The basics
Or the greatest gift
Her undying devotion and love for them
I can only give her advice
To tell her to stop her stressing
So much
And Handle only the things
She can control
Letting go of things she can not do nothing about
She has stood alone
Long enough
As a single mom
Taken advantage of
By those that say
They love her
Taking her kindness as weakness
Begging for what little she’s got
Taking her last dime
But when she needs help
They leave her to fend for herself
Not caring that in her desperation
To provide for her children
She has to ask for help from strangers
Her children have looked into windows of everyone else’s lives
They are mad at not having the latest whatever
Being disrespectful
Lazy and demanding
Not helping her as she struggles
By complaining
What they don’t have
They don’t see they are better off than many
To be greatful they are not in the system
On the streets
Or in a shelter
She is beyond determined
She has hustled each time
To make sure they never see that kind of horror
Her man is a low down that doesn’t provide
Selfish and a coward
Never protecting her from people
That threaten their relationship
By putting them in their place
And setting boundaries
That no one should cross
When he’s suppose to love her
With ever fiber
He uses her
Eating her food
That’s for her and her children
Not paying bills
Not Being present
Not Being compassionate
Showing her she is a value
Her family is the worst not supportive
She stands alone
Fighting for every step forward
Because everyone around her
Keeps pushing her backwards
Leaving her out of family gatherings
Not visiting her
Or having a relationship with her children
Keeping secrets from her
Plotting to do everything that undermines her
Doing the most to talk her out of decisions she’s made in living her own life
As she sees fit for her and her children
All she wants is to be left alone
And live in peace with her children



“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Necessary Knowledge “

Society is not living like a secret
Long ago
When the word sex
Was a word never spoken out loud
Sex is on the internet
On television
In books
Done in public at times
And people in general
Are not going away
Educate these children
So they will not be a statistic
Anyone that looks at children
In a sexual way is a threat
Unprepared children
Raised by someone that still in that belief
If they don’t educate about sex
It will stop a child from growing up
When their body is developing
Boys and girls are being looked at
Talked to because they are looking older physically
People preying on that naiveness
And lack of education
Using peer pressure to ring them in
It’s a shock
In this society
Children are not equipped with important knowledge
That sex has consequences
It can produce life
Or it can take life away
With a deadly disease
For a child
Not prepared to say no
That will tell someone that can help stop it
If they feel used or abused
Or became pregnant
I am not understanding
It is not a conversation
Being had
It’s unbelievable
Girls are still hiding pregnancy from family and friends
In fear of disappointing loved ones
In fear of being teased by everyone
A child
Becoming a mother
Unable to appreciate
What life that grows in her
Hiding and alone
Where no one can help her
Where no one can support her
Where no one can be with her
Telling her things will be alright
Giving birth to a deadly situation
A child that no one wanted
Born in this world
Tossed in a garbage bend


Without the power to cry
Muffled by
A cord that nourished him in the womb
And the same cord killing him with every breath he tries to grasp
Tightening more and more around his throat
His spirit was strong
His fight was long
For the few minutes
He came into this world
Because a child
Was not taught
About the consequences of sex
Or how to say no to peer pressure


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Just Going Through Motions”

You come from a life of singularity
Now you’re banging at the door
Waiting to be let in
The world of couples

Some people are just not meant
To cross into that place
After years
Getting no where

Keeping up an appearance
In everyone’s eyes
Of being a couple
Playing house

Without the commitment
You decided
To do something different
Going for something

You’re not ready for
That is not part of
Who you really are
And not a normal life for you

What you are
Is a player
Or a hoe
Whichever you prefer

It’s funny
You want to be part of a family
In holy matrimony
Doing things like others

Trying to fit in
Like your friends
That have grown up
Now married with a family

Saying your ready to be part of that world
But you don’t know what to do
Acting like a moron
You can not play stupid
This time

When the internet
Has examples of how to do it
Or be simple
Be original

Express what your heart feels
In that moment
You should know what that is
I hope

To say how you feel
How if I’d never became part of your life
How your life would be without me

A big bang
Echoed in my ears
Making my ears ring
As I looked down

At a shotgun hole
Where my heart use to be
It was a flash of light
That passed by me

He threw me a lame marriage proposal
That made my stomach drop
And crys of joy became
So dry it was a desert

I saw him on bending knee
Felt a slapped on my butt
Like his team won the series
Then uttering something like your part of the family now

Left in shock without words
As he slipped the ring on my finger
Without me answering him
Standing there in disbelief


The assumption I would accept
Such a lack of effort
In the most beautiful place
A scene in the movies

All you had to do was
Use it
Act like you cared
Just a little more than your effort

It felt like you did it to shut me up from complaining
Or keep me from leaving you
And it didn’t work
I’m done


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“Soulmates Separated “

Do you ever wonder
What could have been
If we stayed in that moment
And didn’t pass
On what could have been
Our timing
Was always
Never free
At the same time
Missing our opportunity
To be together
In this lifetime
Scared to voice our feelings
But feeling the same thing
For each other
Without the words being said
A spark of love
Was what we had
That’s what we were
Two halves
That were made whole
Once we had been put together
That first time
We made eye contact
A force field surrounded us
Letting no one in our zone


It was
A magnetic connection
Pulling us closer and closer
It caused us to lose time
And gave us all of time
We needed
To be together
In that moment
Caught in a dream
Playing over and over
Imprinting everything
We felt on our souls
To remind us of the love we shared
Only to part
Time and time again
Chasing dreams that we both had
Just not meant to be
At that time
Was our excuse
Now separate lives we are living
Do you still feel me imprinted on your soul?


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“I’m Not Being Captured”


I can not look into my past
To reminisce with you
I would be running
Into the darkest dreary night
Without a flashlight
My focus is where the sun is shining
Well lit and alive
Showing me the way to my future
And what I’m to accomplish
Before I’m laid in a hole six feet deep
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
To the love you once had for me
That bullet in your head
Really screwed up your memory
On how you treated me
There are no negotiations
To be discussed
Do you not remember
Every three months
You played a dangerous game
To cause pain
By picking a fight
When we were in a good place
You did this for years
Until that day
You let me really see you
For the person you really were
When you had the nerve
To try to make me fell
That I should be greatful to have you
After you told me
There were other girls
You passed up for me
I will never be that girl
You will have put on a scale
To weigh your options
If you saw me for who I am
And not who you tried to change me to be
I like who I am
I guarantee you
There is nothing
Left to say to one other
I won’t stand still
So I can be easily caught
I refuse to be an easy target
I am a fighter
That has learned a few new moves
Because in this game
No one plays by the rules
I am faster and better
I move like lightening
Striking without notice
Creeping up
Hitting my target
On the back of the head
Placing my foot
On the neck of my enemy
So it can not rise up against me
To kill what is left of my dignity
Today no part of me dies
Because of your trickery
Saying you miss me
You love me
You want what we had
Before it was all thrown away
Because of your need to get back at me
For things you felt
I should be punished for
What some other person did to you
My only crime
Was that I loved you
I’m not the person you met long ago
You would pick a fight with
To break up with
Then in the same night
Told me I should get back with you
Saying I was wrong to feel
You didn’t appreciate me
I’m wiser now
I’m too focused on what my future holds for me
On how it is suppose to be
Without the drama
Without the unknowing
When will it be the moment
You will crash and burn
Scalding me because I was too close
To you
So for that reason alone
I’m standing clear of you


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Invisible Bars”

We are part of
The greatest illusionist and hypnotist
Trick performed
In the world

We see illusions of freedom
While we work in a free ranged prison
We have been hypnotized to be on invisible ropes
Around our waist


It allows us to walk and run about
But if we get too far
From where we are not allowed to be
We are jerked back to reality

Falling on our butts
And slapped in the face with a huge dose of wake the hell up
Followed by an abrupt tug of the rope
And a kick in the gut

A voice from inside
Your head saying
Get back in line
And know your position

Did you really feel that you were
Getting somewhere
Or did you already know
You were getting no where fast

We wake up
We eat
We work
We sleep
We occasional have peace and quiet

If you look closely to that peace and quiet time
You are actually
Doing a voluntary
Confinement to your homes
Once you’ve completed you workday

Do you see the guards all around
The boss you work for
Pays you less than you’re worth
The government you pay money to
Buying things you never see

The police you believe are here
To serve and protect
Never around
Then pop up when you don’t need them

You hit two clocks
The alarm clock
You hit after it wakes you up
Then a time clock
You hit to document the time you put in

Do you not
See the same places
Over and over again
Looking out windows
Wishing you were somewhere else

We are
Stuck in limbo
Never getting where we really want to go
Just in a hurry for what

Do you see the routine
That you follow daily
Work Spend and Pay Taxes

Why would you speed up the pace
Just to get tired sooner than later
But of course to stop and stand still
Is not an option

Or you’ll fly off the theoretical treadmill
And everyone behind you
Move it
Then stepping over you
To take your place


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Would You Save Someone Damaged”


Once said out loud
Some words so hurtful
Can’t be taken back
Those that love you unconditional
Will say they forgive
But deep down they are hurting
By the hurtful things
That was uttered without hesitation
Those that don’t know you
That felt picked on every day
Will feel bullied
Hurting inside
With no reason to why they were a target
Your demons of misery
Touches everyone around you
Like a tornado after the damage has been done
Can you imagine being thrown into the deepest hole
No way to climb out
Without help from a person with compassion
Anger is hard to control
When bottled up and unleashed like a wrath
There are people with big black holes inside them
That will never care
What anyone else goes through
They were hurt so they hurt others
They love this chaos
Just because their moral compass is broken
Be careful with words
Because it’s not true
Words will hurt
They just don’t leave visible wounds
What would you do
If you had sixty minutes
To rewind the tape on several wrongs
Correcting them so you could
Make a painful outcome become something positive
Changing the one that lashed out and was damaged over years
Giving a chance for them to figure out their demons
And opening a clear way to use their words
So they can speak their hurt on the intended person
Erasing the bodies that they stepped on to ease their pain
Or do you feel it’s a valid reason for actions
Of hate
Saying things that weren’t true
Or maybe it was true
But did in a way
Just to be hurtful
Do you care about the crys
Do you care about the heartbreak caused
By those hurting others because they hurt


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Dont Be Complicated “


It’s always his truth
Her truth
And the truth
Mistakes happen
When family and friends
Become part of your relationship
And begin hearing about problems
One person voicing their concerns
Without telling what they’ve done in the situation
To create the problem
It’s decided
Then your lover is just
Another player or hoe
No good for you
And evil in everyone’s eyes
Who has heard the story
Whispers behind their back
Disrespected at each encounter
Called out their name
Never once asked their side of the story
Because the ones that were told
Only listened to one side
People will fight
In a relationship
It’s a given
Break up
Then get back together
Only to be side-eyed by the other person’s family
At times it’s hard to tell the true story
And have a loved one
Telling you
You were wrong
So you can fix the problem
But in that instance you’ve gotten back together
Your problems increase
Because now both of you are fighting
All the people who thought
You were the victim
In a bad relationship
So if you bring someone into your relationship
And fail to say both parts
Know if you end up back together
Those that oppose will be your headache
If you love your partner
And make things right
By making those that hate them
Both truths
That they will not be questioning your sanity
Or the relationship
You have fought your way back into


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Perform Your Script”

This is a moment of a lifetime
When your story can end
Gloriously or disastrously
Even if you have everything to lose
If it can easily disappear in a blink of an eye
It was not yours anyway
It was bought on borrowed time
Until you found the right direction
You were suppose to be traveling
It’s your choice
No one can make this decision
You must follow the mapping of your DNA


It is where you find your gift
You must share with the world
Or it will be a tragedy
You were born to be original
You are a masterpiece
In the game of life
You are your only competitor
No one is able to compete with you
It’s straightforward
The whole world is your stage
Perform the only script you know
That only you will know the words to
Because it was written just for you
Don’t hold back
Pronounce your words clearly
From beginning to end
All your friends and family will cheer you through
Don’t be afraid to fall
You have to walk with balance
Without hesitation or fear
One foot in front of the other
With your head up
Beautiful smile
Giving a meaningfully effort that gives back
No less than three standing ovations
Either win gracefully
Gathering your flowers they throw at you
Or lose miserably
Never taking the stage in the first place


 “All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Stop The Violence”

It’s an epidemic
It’s an evil that touches all us
One way or another

Yet innocent children
The highest risk
Violence is making itself present
Always around innocent eyes

Grandparents house
Playing outside
Family gatherings
Public spaces

This could be the day
Someone innocent dies
Over someone else’s rage
Or mental instability

If I can’t have you no one will
Is a very known comment
With people with no conscious

Instead of the victim
Picking up the phone
Calling for help
The first time an incident happens

Having the abuser removed
Locked away for the crime
The person that had gotten their butt beaten
Apologies for their abuser’s madness

Killing what was left of their self esteem
Turning over to the devil
Thinking those magic words
Of I’m sorry
Would make everything much better

When mommy and daddy love/hate one another
More hate than love
The real part of their Love
Was lost long ago

When that first backhand came
Then followed by another
All these babies
have grown up too fast

Desensitized by violence
On tv
On the streets
At school
At home

Seeing images of
Physical abuse
Emotional abuse

Flying fists
Being chased by a knife
A gun
A baseball bat
A car

Dishes crashing
Against everything
Ducking for cover
Become a reflex like breathing

Watching dad and mom
Run from one room to another
Beating one another to a pulp

Young babies are scared
Hiding under the bed or in the closet
Covering their ears
To muffle the sounds of the screaming and crying

Bigger babies are jumping in
To help their mother
Protecting her
When it’s not a child’s place

The job of a father and a mother
They are suppose to create a safe haven
A child should never have to experience violence
At the least
In their own home
Because the world has enough violence

How can this child believe they are safe
Destruction of their parents beautiful body
Beaten bruised broken bones hidden from outsiders
Like a government secret

Mentally broken of feeling worthless and unloved
Because the abuser said it was so
I love you more than anyone will
No one will love you more than I

Destruction of trust the child has for it’s parents
Because no one has taking responsibility
No one thought what was best for the child
In a broken dysfunctional home

Destruction of innocence
Rather than being carefree
Thinking of school crushes
Good grades
And where to go to college

They have mental and emotional instability
Carrying the heaviest burden



“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“She Was Her Own Protector”

By: Yellowbonewonda


Parents were working
School was out
Home alone

She let in this friend
She was told he was coming by
A friend of the family
A friend no less

She had no reason not to trust
So when he knocked on the door
She opened it without a care

What he needed was by the door
No reason to want more
He said his hello
And said some more

He asked for something to drink
She turned her back
And he followed behind

Into the kitchen
She was cornered
His real intentions became clear

You’re so beautiful
Have you been kissed before
He asked
As he came closer

Panicked and afraid
Her hand slid on the counter
As the wall was getting closer
To her back
And he
To her

No way out
But through him
Her hand felt a knife
She waved it in the air

He lunged forward once
But when the knife almost came close to cutting him
He backed away quickly

Like a swordsman
She lunged and lunged
Until he ran out the door

He wasn’t getting a kiss
Nor what intentions he had next
She was not playing with this grown man

Trust was broken
Fear was born
Friend or stranger

The lesson was learned
She didn’t play with her trust
Because innocence was lost

That day
And everyday after
She never opened the door no more

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“Scared With A Gun”


This world is not for him
He crys alone at night
His heart is heavy
His mind is just not right
He will never be the same
He has lost brothers and sisters
His friends have died left and right
In a man made jungle
Of animals with guns killing each other
And innocence being lost
For territory that don’t belong to anyone on this Earth
Just an invisible line made up in their heads
It doesn’t matter
Pulling guns out to handle disputes
Have never solved anything
It’s just murder
With no special circumstances
A life taken
Without a good reason
Other than them feeling they were disrespected
But how can you be respected
And feared at the same time
You get compliance with some
And a civil war bubbling up
Causing some people to refuse
To be herded like cattle
From one part of the field to another
Waiting to be slaughtered
They are getting tired
Fighting back
And dying for a better cause
To be heard and taken seriously
That their freedom is theirs
Don’t matter to them
They are just feed up
And just want to be left alone
So they can live the American dream
Of liberty life
And freedom for all
The ideal dream to have
Equal opportunity
Ability to achieve success
Gaining prosperity through hard work
And using their initiative to be someone
Other than a toe tag
Because of some idiot with a gun
Pulling the trigger
With no aim
Shooting the wrong target


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Help, By Closing The Door”


Be happy
They are gone
Leave those tears
For important times
Like stomping
Your big toe
You can definitely call them cowards
A person who has plans of leaving
And did it
When you were gone
Lying cheating and using you
Using their manipulative ways
To take your hard earned money
And breaking your heart into pieces
It’s a choice they made
A path they chose
Long ago
I make no excuses for them
It’s what they do
So beware
Begging this type of person to stay
When their bags are already packed
Ready to leave
With one foot out the door
You’re playing yourself
Like a fool
You was a layover
As if you were a plane in the airport
They got off you
And the first flight that came
They jumped on it and they found their way out
You wasn’t part of their plan
Of happiness and happily ever after
So stop crying
Begging them to stop and explain
Your cries are on deaf ears
It’s like crying
over spilled milk
You can’t put it back in the bottle
You can’t push it into a glass
All you can do
Is get a towel clean it up and ring it out
Then go to the store and buy a new one
Because you’re all out
Blaming you as the problem
Is their way
To making you doubt yourself
Making you look like the bad one in the relationship
They promised empty dreams
Promised a family and forever
It’s all a game you see
All the while on the prowl
Looking for a new bed
To lay in
And use them too
I understand
You loved this person whole heartedly
But if its a one way street
With a dead end in front of you
With no way out
Put your butt in reverse
And back the hell out
A person thats true
Will never hurt or use you
And be there one hundred times infinity
So let that coward go
And cry no more
Because those tears
You’ve shed are in vain
To someone that has no heart


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Carrot Cake Cookies

Icing on the Page

ray.liotta.goodfellas.laughingSo with summer finally upon us, we all have our beach bodies ready right?

Yeah, me too. Hard to even write that with a straight face let alone. With so many recipes out there to try and to taste, who needs the beach anyway when you can have CAKE!!!

Lol, but in all seriousness, as much as I love cake, sometimes it can be too filling. Most of us tend to have dessert after dinner and by that time, we are usually full. Cake can push you to the brink of that painful full ( you know where you ate too much and wish you had stopped two bites ago, but it was SOOOOOO good that you had to finish it).

With that feeling in mind, I went in search of an alternative solution to my current desire for carrot cake. My mother has been working on growing a vegetable garden…

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“Little Birdie No One Saw”


My memory is fading so rapidly
I fear this world
Needs to be smaller
So I’d feel much taller

A recurring dream
Would come to me
Every night
When I was little

People would walk in a hurry
Here and there
Never to look up
To see me flying

So freely
Like a female Peter Pan
Gliding on the winds
Beneath me

Soaring above the clouds
Almost touching the stars
And diving to the ground
As if I was crashing

Pulling up at last minute
Was like eating Popeye’s spinach
Feeling that adrenaline rush
Coarsing through my veins

Making me stronger
And stronger
I would start
Laughing hysterically
Like a hyena

I was loving it
Each time
Time after another
Attempting to fly higher and higher

In the morning
I would always gain
A new perspective
Of this scary world
I would see daily

In my dream
Everything so much smaller
A little less scarier
For a child
Growing up
To a teen
Then to a woman

At the end of each dream
It was harder
And harder to come down
I would have to grab
For anything and everything

That would help me
Pull back to reality
From my wonderful dream
I never wanted to wake up from
Because I felt so free

Since I’ve tasted the sweetness of freedom as a child
I wish for
That recurring dream
Now that I’m older
But it’s just a distant memory
That I can not recover


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Enemies of All Kinds”

Today’s judgement day
I’m drawing a line in the sand
Who’s with me
Or against me
Pick a side
There is no middle

I often have sleepless nights
I toss and turn
Waiting for exhaustion to take over
To put me into a deep sleep

I’ve stepped back in my corner
So I can see them coming from all over
Who will come for me
Or who will help

My defenses are up
Even in my dreams
They start coming for me
One after the other

Like they are multiplying
I am fighting all my enemies from within
They have faces of strangers,friends and family
As I push off one after another

Another returns
Coming for my juggler
They laugh in my face
They pat me on my back

Then they have the nerve
To have their hand out
Saying they care
But when I call for them

They disappear
Nowhere to be found
I’ve listened to their sob story
But in the end

They are just full of it
Just looking for a payout
They’ve lied to me
They’ve stole from me

They’ve borrowed from me
They’ve told lies on me
They’ve never even known me
Judging me without appoaching me

All the while thinking I was a big dumby
But it wasn’t me being a dumby
It was called kindness
And you thought it was my weakness

Until I turned tables on you
And exposed your truth
A pretender
Pretending to be human

So stop coming for me
Because you will be the one left looking
Like stupidty
Branded and shamed
Like you should be


– Yellowbonewonda

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“It Can Be Repaired”

Pure evil does exist
It’s in everyone
It’s just some that embrace it
More than others

Could they be the devils gift?
Just think
You can not be deaf and blind
Always and forever
To what you are being taught daily

You can not compare
You’re battle within
To others on a different path
It is your own
That no else will ever travel
So begin

If you cry over this person
And they don’t care
To see your tears
And wipe them away
They won’t

If you doubt their intentions
And you feel used
Or Defeated
You are

If you can not trust a word they speak
And you see the truth
Plastered on neon signs
Staring you in the face
You’re not listening

If you are lost and confused
And you feel like there is no way out
There is
Just open your cage door and fly out
You can

Stop questioning
How was this possible
How could I be so stupid
Why did this happen

What did I do wrong
If I never met you
Would it have ever happened
Just know
If it’s not this person
It could always be another

Some people don’t want
To hear or see the truth
When it’s presented to you
A million times over

The lesson has been taught
You are too stubborn to comprehend
You make it hard
To be found by that Angel who will soar above the rest


Instead you want to hold on
To the devil’s gift
Missing the beauty
That could alter your life

No one should be stripped bare
Left in the center of lies and deceit
Left heart broken
Weakened in disbelief
But it’s all repairable

A soul that is pure
That is only for you
That’s Not judgemental
That’s Not hurtful
That’s Not deadly
To your spirit

You have to open
Your mind to question their interest in you
You have to open
Your heart to feel if it’s pure
Stop being tempted and lead by your lust
because your lonely and longing to be touched


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“My Confidence Went to WTF”

By: Yellowbonewonda

My life was changing
I knew it to be true
This was my career in their hands
My dream at best

My confidence was on high
I researched the company
I studied like it was my S.A.T
They could ask me anything

I claimed it
It was mine
I was told to be myself
That’s no problem I can do that

I went the day before
Over two hours my ride took
To pick me up
Standing in the scorching sun

All I could do was hope
My hair didn’t mess up
I started to panicked
Forgot my straightening iron at home
It could rise up like Don King’s hair with this type of heat


When my ride finally came
I arrived at the hotel
It was a disgrace
It was only a night
I told myself

I smiled at the clerk
Got my key
I refused to meltdown
I refused to cry
I’m not going to replace my positivity with negativity

Not me
Tomorrow is my day
I woke up early
So I wouldn’t be in a rush

Morning shower
Blue suit
Makeup done
Black heels
Unsteady on my feet
Hopefully I won’t trip and fall on my face

Over an hour I gave
Told the driver the address
He drove me to a place
Excited I checked in
Received my badge

That damn driver
What a mess
I sat there
Thirty minutes
Then one hour
I was at the wrong place

I briskly walked across the train tracks
With my heels in my hands
Arriving late
I laughed it off
Making the best of my ordeal

Conversated with the others while I waited my turn
When I interviewed
They asked nothing I studied for
It was all about me
I had this in the bag

I smiled and smiled
Thinking this is great

I finished my interview early
I had to backtrack
My luggage was at the other place

Having to change my ticket
Got to the airport
Had a hike
Of course the driver drove me to the wrong end
I think it’s the running theme

The clerk had to get the manager
She didn’t know how to change my ticket
So she asked me before he arrived
To wait until my original flight

What nerve
I gave her a look
Like bitch please
But I smiled instead
I said no thank you
Because that was four hours away

I got on that early flight
Being polite
My two day struggle was real

Though I thought for the best
My high came crashing down
In exactly one week
I was given the kiss of death

It’s just not your time
Apply next year
Blah blah blah blah

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“I Am Leaving”


We use to stare
Into each other’s eyes
Now you look right through me
As if I’m invisible  

I’m at your fingertips
You don’t reach for me
When you sleep at night
As though I’m not there

You stare at my pictures
You wear my ring upon your neck
You sleep with my pillow to smell my scent
But you refuse to see me

I’m crying right next to you
You are just ignoring me
Did you forget
You said we’d be forever 

Our love was special
You never felt it with another
I am feeling like a fading memory
Disappearing Never to exist

We use to talk forever
Not wanting to ever part
Now we don’t say a word
For hours and now days 

It is pure silence in this house

Why don’t you comfort me
Why don’t you hold me
Why don’t you love me
Why are we falling apart

I’m dying inside
I can not take this pain
We are both miserable
Broken and crying always

Since that pounding
Echoing knock on the door
Everything fell apart
When he told you

I was gone
Never more to be in your grasp
We use to be forever
Now for eternity

I will have to wait


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“Body Aches”

Feels like a fight within your body
Against you

In a vortex spinning uncontrollable
In a black hole blinded by the darkness
In the middle of the ocean swimming in circles
In a desert stranded with no map

Sleeping on the back the most uncomfortable position
Feels like something is in the throat but nothing is there
Sleeping on the right stabbing pain in the neck

They say Phantom pains
But the feeling is there
Back and neck are on fire
Arms and Legs wanting to get in the game

Taking the pills
Like candy
Different kinds
Different flavors


The doctor gave
Saying it will help
If it don’t work
We got another

Trial and error was the game
More like more error
Losing the game

Head floating
like a balloon
Eyes half mask
like you’re on a high
Cheeks numbed
like someone has pinched them all day
Throat dry
liked you haven’t drunken anything for days

The doctor
Kept prescribing
One pill turned to two
Then three or four lost count maybe more

Hey doc
These don’t work
They make me feel like crap
They do nothing for the pain

One does that
The other does this
Don’t take this pill with this
Oh if you miss a pill

Take it right away
But don’t double up
So you left
Feeling symptoms

Feeling lost
Feeling pain
Feeling like you someone else
Dazed and confused

In the pharmaceutical game


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You would have to
Read the book of me
Not just read the back
You must read all the pages
If you really want to know the facts

Its been Torn
Refurbished many times
Bought back looking good as new
For many years


Eye catching book
You will see
Pretty smooth cover
Carmel candy tone
Sexy finished package

They’ve become my frienemies
They’ve been a murderer within
Killing me so softly
They’ve controlled my thoughts
Creating so many doubts

To know the story
Of how they were birthed
The scars so far below
From the past

Beneath my clothes
So deep below
Beneath the surface
Beneath my skin
At the core

A microscope you will need in order to see
You can not see
What’s invisible
To the naked eye

A loving ear you will need in order to hear
From these lips
You will never hear
It freely uttered

A tender opened heart you will need in order to touch
You can not touch
It’s still opened
Exposed not healed enough

Scars that no one will know
Unless you stop looking at just my cover
Unless you make the time to discover
Unless you read from cover to cover

These scars will remain
Deep at the core


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Beware She’s Trained”

A lot of daddys
Tired of hearing and wiping
The tears when their sweet girl cry
Over cowards on the rise

She is his pride and joy
The apple of his eyes
She can do no wrong
In his eyes

She can be
Sweet as pie
She loves being his princess
But she comes with alot of spice
And gets a little ugly with it

Girls are not
What they once were
Being easy prey
A victim to those don’t value her

Daddy has prepared her to come home safe
Dont get Your feelings hurt
Dont get Your pride bruised
Dont get Your ego deflated

She’s not ordinary
She’s not timid
She is trained to protect herself
Because her daddy trained her so

Daddy has given her the skills and the constant flow
Of a boxer
A fighter
Intsilled in her so

Her daddy has trained her to be the winner
And you will be the loser
So don’t come for her
Or you soon will know

If sneak up on her
From behind trying
To give a fright

Her reflexes are not set to run
They are set to fight


Fists fly up in a defense
Protecting her face
Feet stand in a stance
Ready to duck and move

Eyes are wide open
She’s ready to dance the boxers dance
And making contact is a must
It’s you or her
And daddy made sure it’s her

Jabbing and sticking
When she has an opening
A scare you tried to give

A black eye
Bruised ribs
Hurt groin
She gave in return
Thanks to her daddy training her so

– Yellowbonewonda

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Agree to Disagree”

Abundantly joyful
Mind blowing goddess
Everlasting gift to the world
Conquering queen
Hindering beauty
Innovational mind of originality
Always plentiful in goodness and truth

Whether its true or not
No one other than I
Can agree or disagree
What I feel in my heart

This will never change about me
I am promised a future
That may be just

A minute from now
A day from now
Whatever it may be
I am not guaranteed

Many hate to let happiness shine
They will throw dirt and mud on it
To dull my glorious crown

But what is true
Clouds will twist themselves and drain
Rain will fall
Washing their hate for me away
Reviling what is truly there
A gift that he has given me

For hopes of a future that I know is near
I promised myself better
And better is what I search to find

Out of a world that throws daggers
Trying to kill
The happiness I found inside


I want to laugh and thrive
I will be brave
Using my words as the way
I feel they should be


By how I see them to be
Twisting and turning them
Making them mine
Enjoying the journey that is mine


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“Insomniacs Problem”

You gave my body strength
You made me refreshed
A day doesn’t go by
without you on my mind

My favorite
Plushed-topped high raised bed
That I have to get a running start
To jump into


The way I sink into you
How you give love to my body from head to toe
Making me drift away into a deep sleep
Surrounded by your wondrous embrace

You’re becoming my enemy
You’re not bringing your friend
Called SLEEP
You’re not relaxing my limbs and brain
Like you use to

For each passing day you escape me
Indefinite eternity is what I feel
Until you return


I can not live without you
And for the time that you are gone
I am constantly longing for your magical kiss

When I saw you years ago
I felt like we were never apart
Not a day
Not a week
Not a month
Not a year
Love will ever be lost

It will not fade away
It will not be forgotten
When you are gone for so long
I will be ecstatic of your return

Love that is so true
It feels like paradise
You are so special to me
I’m so sorry
I fought you those endless night
I hate you felt I was lost to you

Sleep come to me
Never to leave me again
And please bring your friends


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“Too Much Hurrying”


Out the glass window
Staring at the world
Passing by
And also
Staring at its stillness
When no one is around

Staring at how lonely
This world is
When life is on the move
Much to fast
You miss
The simplicity of it all

Behind this glass window
I’m looking through
I’m finally standing still
I’m seeing
What I may have missed long ago

The trees are tall and strong
Dark chocolate brown
With so much history in them
They have seen it all

Of all colors
Blowing in the wind
Dancing to their own song

The sky
Such a beautiful blue
I could not image how far it really goes
It is infinite

The clouds
With their funny shapes as if they
Are showing off
Tickling my funny bone

The sun
And moving through reflections
Through everything
And everyone

Cars driving
To and fro
Hurrying to get

Running from one thing
To the next
Not pausing for a breath
To take in
What they are missing
After hurrying so fast

Beyond the glass window
I see tiredness
I see oblivious behavior
I see such a disconnect

I’m just afraid
To come from behind
This glass window
Just because I may forget
What it has taught me
To see the beauty that is in just a breath


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“Your Own Insanity”

Some people create their own horrifying storm
That take out many


Unrequited love
A Powerful
Euphoric feeling
Dangerous for everyone
It involves

A hunger
And Thirst
That can not be filled
Because it’s a one way street

The Desires
The Intensity
It’s Spectacular
It’s Indescribable

You hear in your head
You love me
You adore me
You want to feel me
You want me

You want them to say
Come kiss me
Come touch me
Come admire me
Come to me

Something that is so dangerous
To fall into
When you are the only one
Feeling this

You’re locked in
A world of your own making
Manipulated by your own mind
Never really knowing the object of your affections

Is truly not yours

You use it as a double-edged sword
If I can’t have them
No one can

The insanity that’s in your mind
It’s what it is



“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“She Was Told”


By Hollywood
By society
By magazines
By men
She was told what beauty was

You have to be thin
You have to be blonde
You have to have straight hair
You have to be anything you’re not

She has no one to convince her otherwise
And if she does
She’s not listening

She cuts herself to feel something
She starve herself to get skinny
She hates herself because she can’t see herself

Because she’s not the image of what she was told she should be

She does not see she is beautiful
The way she is
The way she talks
The way she walks
The way she is herself

She does not see her self
As beauty
But she is

She is a queen by her own right
She is a lover with the ability to nurture
She has birth nations of kings and queens
She has the strength of a warrior

She does not
Need to be told what she is

She is light
She is love
She is strength
She is beauty

No matter
Your size
Your shape
Your color
Your hair

You are beauty


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“Free Yourself”

Are you going to rise up
Are you going to fall by the wayside
Are you a leader
Are you going to follow the leader
Never seeing nothing
Other than the back of someone’s head

When do you think for yourself
When will you stop and listen
To the music playing all around you
The world is a symphony with its own instruments

So dance and sing freely
Dance and sing like you are in your bedroom
Or in the shower
Dance and sing like no one else is watching
Like there is no care in the world
And 20170628_185837you are finally free

Free of bullying
Free of peer pressure
Free of expectations
Free of hate

Everyone in this world
Has problems
Has struggles
Has weakness

But to rise up from the fire around you
All you have to do is rise

Your feet are for walking
Your head is for thinking
Your hands are for working
Your mouth is for talking

Use them to begin
The chapter of YOU


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By: Yellowbonewonda

Sitting on my living room couch
Nothing on
Nobody around
I heard out of the silence
In this house
A Ticking


I’m drifting off to a place
Where there is an abundance of
Images and words
Colors and emotions
Flooding my brain
One after the other
With control and grace
Like the rise and fall of a wave in the ocean coming towards the shore

I am calm
I’m at peace
It is drowning me
But not killing me

I’m breathing while submerged in the deep dark blue
I’m seeing life
In balance
That man has not reached
With their nets
With their poles
With their submarines
No one has ever seen such a place
That’s so prehistoric
Way before our time

Under the deep dark blue
I’m surrounded by majestic beings
Swimming by as if I was part of this beautiful world
As I’m enjoying the power of life like no other
I hear


And I return
With just a glimpse of what is in store for me
To my living room couch

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the_only_one_rough_800By: Yellowbonewonda


Handle with care

It’s already broken

Don’t break it more

Don’t toss it around

Then kick it on the ground

It’s already not working properly

You don’t need to damage it more

The warranty is expired

I forgot to renew it

Where can I get it inspected

Where can I get it fixed

Money is no problem

Where is the best of the best

I don’t want no one with no experience

To fix it temporarily for it to break again

I’m not looking for a person 

Looking for job security

I don’t need you to tinker with it

I don’t need you to pretend you know what you doing

I need the top specialist

The one that the government use

I fear my heart is broken

I can’t explain it

It’s not working like before

Before love

Before lost

Before the sorrow

Before the pain

Before someone

Shot it

Stabbed it

Ripped it out

Stomped on it

Lit it on fire

And blew its ashes away

Before innocence was taken

Before emotions of




And love

Started blinking

I’m getting the flashing warning signs

But I’m passing by every repair shop

Just looking for that specialist

That no one knows his whereabouts

He only takes special clients

Finding you

And you not finding him

I hope I’m on his radar

Because I’m in fear

Fear of not fixing it

Fear of not feeling

Fear of losing it

Because its no way to replace it

No one carry the special parts

It was made one of a kind

So if the Specialist

Is out there

Please find me

Because I’m in need of repair




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“Not So Tempting”


By: Yellowbonewonda

Behind that cold
Dead soul
Your eyes where so hypnotic
You thought you could tempt me
To do things against my character
To do things you wanted me to do
To be something
Someone I wasn’t supposed to be

Such a cold
Dead soul
Behind those eyes
Dead from the first time
I laid my eyes upon them

I thought I could bring you out of  the darkness
That surrounded you
Let you see the beauty around you
My spirit
My eyes

But I wasn’t enough to fill you
You drained every part of me
Except for what I hid from you
Out of survival
It was built into my DNA
Before my first breath into this world

Too dear for me to lose
Something I cherished
That was my greatest gift
That made me
That no one could take from me
Including you

I wanted the best for you
I wanted happiness for you
I wanted to love you

You thought my kindness
Was weakness
That cold
Dead soul
Showed me
Could not feel for me

When I was weaken by you
You ignored my pain
Could not want me

When I needed you to hold me
You ignored my need to be close to you
Could not love me

When I needed it unconditionally
You judged every part of me

Enough is enough
Keep your
Dead Soul
I am finally released from you

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” Surrounding Me”


By: Yellowbonewonda

Because my angels
Are all around me
With their wings surrounding me
Blocking out the negative interference of doubt and fear

I woke up this morning not comprehending
I was flying so far away from home
Where war was going on
I was going to be part of helping a military community

I walked off the plane in this foreign land
No ideas shaped in my head
Of what was ahead of me
No thoughts of the reality
Had set in

Just a few hours from now
I was going to wake up in a desert
Twenty to a tent
Bunk beds stacked on top of each other
A summer camp theme
I guess

Just panicked females
All around me
Looking lost

I sat
My boots
My helmet
My Body Armour
By my bed
My bedsheets came down from the top bunk all around me
I was in my own world in the middle of a desert

Surrounded by military on Christmas Eve
I prepared for sleep
With a meal
A shower
Before bed

I slept through the celebrations
I slept through the gunfire that shot in the air
I slept through the helicopters hovering above
I slept peacefully like I was in paradise

Undisturbed by what was going on

As I woke up after my first night in a tent full of frantic females
I felt refreshed unbothered by what crept in the night

I was confused
The next day of the stories they told
The fears they were expressing
The tears they were crying

I was confused
I knew nothing of what they talked about
But I was in the same tent they all slept in

I shrugged off their misfortune
I shrugged off their fears
I shrugged them off

Her only daughter
In unknown lands
In dangerous conditions
Unable to get to if I was hurt

Mommy I’m calm
Was the first words I spoke
After a couple days settling in
Which eased her

Because I knew
I was surrounded by my angels
I was safe
With nothing to fear

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He was a dream
That became my reality

He was the Prince
I never saw coming

He was a life
That was only meant for me

He was the gold
At the end of the rainbow

Almost everything changed in my life
Making things all the while better
In this crazy reality

He was the richest man
In love
Had plenty to give me

A whisper of
I love you
Tickled my ear
It was warm
With a
Strong voice behind it

He knew
He had me
He knew all my faults
It still didn’t discourage him

His words
Became images of beauty
That captured
All of my attention

His heart
Surrounded by vibrant colors
That just made me happy
To be around him

When I looked into his eyes
The heavens opened
No cloud
No rain was in sight

I knew I was his rib
He lifted my chin
And kissed me upon my lips
The feeling of love overcame me

As his breath poured
Throughout me
Air was much easier to breathe
It was fresh and crisp

In darkness
He brought light

With just a smile he gave
With no effort

In sorrow
He brought love

With a single
Gentle touch
He loved me
Only me
The richest Woman

~ Yellowbonewonda  


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Love Junkie”

By: Yellowbonewonda

Keeping it my little secret

Is hard

People are seeing the change in me


Am I paranoid

I’m not in denial

I know my addiction

I am a stone cold junkie

With a monkey on my back

I’m carrying it like a backpack

I can feel it coming

An intervention

I’m not going

I’m not going into rehab

I’m not denying

I get high

Like a kite

On the best winds

I’m a junkie


My body is hooked

And my supplier

Can give me the best quality

It’s like no other

They can lock me up

Under the jail

In the dungeon

I ain’t giving him up

I get one hit



I’m sitting on top of the world

There is no feeling like it

I ain’t giving it up

Stop asking me to do it

I don’t know why I do it

It feels so good

I’m not giving in

To an intervention

I tell you

I’m not gonna let you detox me

I’m a love junkie

I said it

And I screaming it loud

And as long as he’s supplying

I’m gonna be searching for my next fix

The weakness in my knees

The crinkles in my toes

The hairs standing on my body giving me chills

He makes me numb to everything else

That kills my spirit

I’m lifted by every



Or shot

I can’t wait to get my next fix

I’m ducking into the shadows

Getting down and dirty with it

I’m not running

From it

Build my coffin

Because the next chance I get

I’m gonna overdose on his loving

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” Be my Honey”


Know me
Like you know yourself

See me
As if
I was a lost piece of your soul
And you can’t live without me

Feel me
As if
Your hands are remembering my curves for the first time
Every time you touch me

Love me
Like no other will or could
For the rest of our lives
Can you promise to live a lifetime
As a Honeymooner with me
Enjoying each other
As if it was the first time
And a lifetime since we met

Pounding hearts that beat out of our chest
When we see each other
A constant flutter of butterflies
Dancing in our stomachs
When we are near each other
Never feeling enough is enough
Always wanting more

Sharing laughter for the hell of it
For no other reason
Other than to be silly

Having unconditional love
Knowing that
We will be complicated
But always as one
Being constant companions
Knowing I am your
Best friend
And playmate

As well as you be mine
Acting like children on the playground
Playing games that are silly
And using the world as our playground
Exploring every part of it
Journeying through life
Side by side

By boat
By plane
By train
By car
And Walking
Hand in hand

Journey with me
Experiencing first moments
All the rest of our lives

We will laugh
We will cry
We will love
We will loath
We will be strength
As well as
Each other’s weakness

We will be
Side by side

~ Yellowbonewonda  

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Can I Cook or Can’t I?”

It’s funny
That the first thing you ask me
Is if I can cook

As if I’m not more

You don’t want to know
My name
My background
My likes
My dislikes

My phone number
My job status
My living arrangements

Better yet
If I am even available
For you to even talk to me

All you want to know
Is if I can cook

I can
But it is not the way you think


I can go Sugar and spice with it
I can cook up a good hate potion
That will even make you hate yourself

I can cook up a great master plan
To destroy you
So everything you touch
Just crumbles and blow away

I can cook up good love potion
Where I am the queen by your side
Protecting and loving you until the end of time

I can cook up a great master plan
To make you a success
Everything you breath life into flourish and bloom

You have lost that chance
You will never know
With all the questions in the world
You wanted to ask
You asked
The one question
That has little knowledge of me

Can I cook?

~ Yellowbonewonda  

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Resolution is Needed”


By: Yellowbonewonda

A city paved in gold, ruby, diamonds, emeralds, and pearls with sparkling clean streets

Air scented of peppermint

Houses made of gingerbread and candy cane trimmed chimneys of pure chocolate filling

Smiling faces, pleasant greetings and a sense of self respect and honor

My ideal World

No place like home, no place like home

As I click my blue glass slippers and close my eyes

No place like home

But to no surprise I open my eyes to reality not only mine but OURS

A broken city, pot holed streets, polluted air

Constant construction getting no where but in the way

Run down homes and buildings with beer cans

Crack pipes

Trash layering the brown grass that once upon a time was green and alive

Neglected by our council leaders, government officials and our proud society members

Neglected by our churches that sit on the fours corners of these broken lands

Rather than working together they place the blame and nothing is getting done to resolve the problem

Neglected by you and I

Because we’ve thrown our hands up and are walking away with our heads down shaking in despair

Complaining about what should have been

Instead of doing something other than putting up smoke screens and constant musical signs

Condemned,  men at work, and danger


No resolution of this sore spot,hazard or disgrace

Our complaints still will not cease


Complaining about foreign businessmen coming in and making the “American Dream”

They have built a success that flourish and bloom

What they made so can we

Stop complaining about what someone else has

Take back your community

Not by violence but by intelligence

Get educated, open businesses, be productive

Give who you call “them” a run for their money

Stop complaining that they succeed when you failed


Young People that do not know the world

Wise People that know what the world is about

Must understand we together are the never-ending story that has no end

With innocence things are seen anew with wisdom things are explained in order not to repeat the mistakes

That have gotten us to where we are now


Lost in a world to big for us

No one listens

We speak in circles

We speak in slang

We speak and never listen

We speak and speak and the problems are still not being solved

Our broken lands are still broken

Our broken city is a landfill of violence

Our society is still unconnected

Our community is dying

I click my heels to see if things will change

And I know in my heart it won’t work


I still try

To say

What most think , don’t say , and what we are all doing

We are all dying faster

Who is going to stop it

Who will breathe a breath in a corpse of a world we live in

Make this world as I pictured it in my dreams

Is this world worth it or is it already worthless

End the complaint

No one is your enemy

But the evil whispers in your head

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”


By: Yellowbonewonda


My hands are on automatic pilot but they can’t keep up

Words are pouring out my mind

Into blank pages in front of me

I have so many words

Dancing around in my mind in an extremely rapid pace

Like someone has put the pace on high velocity

Yet these words don’t give me the calm I’m looking for

They are coming too fast that I am almost afraid I will miss some 




Unable to be recorded for playback

So some are lost

How do I slow down progress

How do I slow down creativity

How do I slow down my mind

So the words I see

Can be words you see

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”


“Come Correct”

Blood doesn’t bond us
There is no contract that binds us
You don’t even know me

Correct the ill-will intent
You have casted upon me
That follows me like a storm cloud

Correct the wrongs you have done against me

The Lies
The cheating
The stealing
Disrespecting me
The hurt you’ve caused

Having me to doubt your loyalty
Your truth
Your intentions
Before you ask for something
You don’t deserve

That’s my trust
My heart
My faith
That you can be someone better

Don’t give me a sorry ass sorry
Like it solves all our problems

Sorry is not
The only thing you need to say
To wash over
Clean the slate
That has my soul on it

What I feel I deserve
What you feel I deserve
Are two different things
You’ve already guessed wrong
The first few thousand times

You don’t know
What I deserve
Just because you are not built
To give me truth
Don’t block my way
To those that can

You want to be important to me
Come correct
Get out of my way


~ Yellowbonewonda  

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

” Just Instinct”

Thoughts of it
Supplying all of your needs
Hoping it will help you grow as a human being

That in the time of thirst
That once the taste of it touches upon your lips
It feels as though it is going to be the most satisfying feeling

Refreshing to your soul


Is like a mirage in a desert
It’s an illusion of an oasis
With a sparkling waterfall
That mesmerizes
Pulls you into something
That is overwhelmingly beautiful

Fulfilling a false atmosphere of paradise
But if by chance you choose to
Glance away
It disappears
Leaving you with an empty feeling
A sandy taste in your mouth

By any other truth
Is raw

Buried so deep inside the Earth’s core
An uncharted territory no one has yet to map out
That we as people have only scratched the surface
In a book
Or an
Idea that society has twisted its meaning to be
Just a man-made definition

Is both good

Is a do
An action

Love is
A sacrifice of individuality
For compassion empathy pure unconditional acceptance

Love is
Truth of commitment to
Your partner
Your fellow man

Love has no exact rule book
Love is lived
Love is a word that the dictionary guessed it should be
But it can not be defined

Before society made a dictionary to define words
We had no words but instincts
Animals have done it from the beginning of time
And are doing it still

At its purest form with no misunderstanding
Unchanged by the hand of the civilized man

So I ask, what is the meaning of love before the man-made dictionary
Made it “civilized”
And defined to their terms

~ Yellowbonewonda  

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Not Meant to Be”

Curiosity peaked
When our eyes met

Love erupted
When our hearts connected

Trust became an issue
Because of the past

Control became a problem
Because things became uncontrollable

Communication was put on mute
When we stopped listening

And growth was stunted
When we stopped building

Hope was lost
After we spoke out in anger
Calling each other names we weren’t named at birth

Laughter was brought to tears
After jokes became hurtful

A connection as strong as concrete
Became quicksand

We stopped wanting

We stopped caring
About us


Hearts were broken
And we drifted apart
Finding ourselves
On course that was set to be a lifetime sentence
We refused to do together
While lost in the Bermuda triangle
Circling until we finally found a way out
Separately going in different directions
Out of survival

Before the words were spoken
Before the actions were made
Before the excuses were put into thought
The signs were there
That we just weren’t meant to be

~ Yellowbonewonda  

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”